Numerology Predictions

The history and what it means to us today

Numerology, put simply, is the study of and belief in an esoteric relationship between numbers and the physical world. There are many different ways people use numerology. Here’s a quick list of some of the most popular ones:

  • Number meanings: wherein each number 0-10 are assigned a significance.
  • Alphabetic codes: wherein each letter is assigned a number.
  • Birth information: wherein time and date of birth are translated into meanings.
  • Astrology: wherein it is believed that each number represents a celestial body.
  • Gambling: wherein numerology is used to determine the luckiest numbers to bet on.
  • Religious uses: wherein religious scholars use numbers to shed new light on passages, most commonly used with the Bible and the Torah.

I have found that numerology, like most occult practices, hold unique meaning for each person who uses it. While one person might find tarot most useful for life guidance and introspection, others may find numerology is what makes the most sense to them.

Numerology in modern science is one of my primarily interests. Early mathematicians delved deeply into numerology as a basis for their studies, but today it is more associated with occult practices than mathematics. Popular theories such as the Fibonacci sequence has led many to look closer at the connection between numerology and science. Since mathematical is based on patterns, it follows that the laws of nature, which are essentially patterns themselves, would tie into numerological patterns as well. This concept is the basis of the modern renewed interest in numerology and the transition from viewing numerology as something spiritual to something scientific.

Judaism has a strong history with numerology as Torah scholars have long used their own unique type of numerology to reinterpret passages of the Torah. Because of this system, many Torah studies become focused on solving the complex puzzles set forth by the texts. Entire ways of speaking, reading and relating to one another have been formed around the numerology used by these Torah scholars to understand their sacred text.

I think the trick with something like numerology is to delve into with the mindset of following it wherever it leads you. Begin your studies with an open heart so if you read something that feels true you’ll be open to following that lead to its source. When used with an open mind and heart, historic and modern numerology can both lead to increased self awareness and solidified life direction.