Numerology Life Path – meaning of number

Since man has grasped the idea of his finite existence he has sought to understand his purpose in the world around him. While some believe that life happens in moments whose destiny cannot be ascertained beforehand, practitioners of basic numerology believe that one’s present, past and, most importantly, their future can be understood to a degree by calculating a numerology life path number.

Although life is filled with many journeys that will be undertaken, they need not be like a jungle path filled with obtrusion and lurking dangers.

The numerology life path number that is revealed through a simple calculation derived from one’s birthday is a guide to life, not its sole determinant. By understanding and accepting the outcome of this calculation a strong person will successfully navigate down their own life path by accepting the challenges and rewards that it offers by fully understanding beforehand what traits are inherent to the nature of their psychic number.

To arrive at your psychic number, you will reduce the digits of your birthday down to a single number between 1-9.

A Numerology Life Path example:

Someone with a birthday on April 24, 2004 will use this calculation:


Someone with a numerology life path number of seven will learn that they are a thinker, possess an analytic approach to life; therefore, they may also be cautious of their relationships and are slow to trust others. They prefer solitude and, although are slow to gain friendships, possess a few solid ones that will last for their lifetime. As is evident from this example, each number possesses positive and negative attributes that can be used as a key to open up doors that may have remained locked without the proper knowledge of one’s numerology life path number.

Should your initial number, i.e. the double digit number that comes from adding up the month, day, and year of your birthday, be an 11, 22, or 33, this is a special condition that requires the possessor to read the instructions for both this number and the single digit that can be derived from it.

Once you have determined your numerology life path number and read the accompanying information on it you, like most people before you, will be shocked. There will be so much evident truth to what is revealed that it will seem as though someone has delved deep into your psyche and heart to extract their secrets. Perhaps you might even read something that triggers something deep within that has been trying to reveal itself; a certain passion, a desire to try something new, a negative feeling that has been an underlying recurrent theme in your life.