Numerology: Finding Your Life Path Number

In Numerology everyone has a life path number which is a personal number that shows who you are and what you are on this earth to achieve

To find your life path number, you add up all the numbers in your birth day and keep adding until you have only a single digit number. For example, if your birthday is May 12, 1979 (5/12/1979), then this is how you find your life path number:

5 + 12 = 17
17 + 1979 = 1996
1 + 9 + 9 + 6 = 25
2 + 5 = 7

Once you have done this, you have your life path number. Here is a summary for each of the life path numbers and their characteristics as people, one through nine.

  1. Leaders. In Numerology, people with a life path number of one are assumed to be innovative, ambitious, and full of originality. The best parts of their personalities show in their enthusiasm and dedication. At their worst, they are selfish, and can sometimes run over other people as they chase their goals.
  2. Idealists. From the time they are born, they try to fix things. Those with this life path number try to make peace, correct wrongs, and strive for balance. However, when they come upon obstacles, they sometimes succumb to pessimism and seem unable to make any progress.
  3. Artists.These people are creative and emotionally expressive. They try to live their lives to the utmost, and often go through many highs and lows. They are a lot of fun, and very optimistic (sometimes too optimistic), capricious, a little bit escapist, and sometimes a intolerant of other people.
  4. Planners. These people have a gift for practicality and making things happen. They do not mind working to get things going, but this can sometimes make them domineering and they are not so good at understanding or treading lightly on the feelings of others because they mostly live in their head.
  5. Adventurers. These people love adventure and they love thrills. Because of this they blaze trails and take risks, but can get uneasy and self-obsessed when they feel their freedom is being limited.
  6. Nurturers. This is the life path number of a mother (or father, even). Those with this number are responsible, and love to take care of others with advice or support. Sometimes they get overwhelmed, or can be hard on others (especially themselves).
  7. Thinkers. These people like to be alone, but regardless they are intelligent and charming. They have a gift for discernment, but can get into a lot of trouble when they get selfish or stop taking life seriously.
  8. Managers. Because they are here to organize and direct, these people are practical, honest, hard workers, and stable. Sometimes, though, they abandon enthusiasm for accomplishment which can lead them to become dogmatic, bitter, and greedy.
  9. Humanitarians. They are natural philanthropists due to their commanding presence and charisma. Captivating, and sometimes unselfish to a fault, their feelings run deep, and sometimes they struggle with the demands of their innate selflessness.