The persons born on 30th January are Capricorns by sunshine, i.e. the abode of Saturn (exalted) and the third house. The planet Jupiter casts it impact upon you.

The aggression and energy that Jupiter carries will be found in your personality.

Your every work would be motivated through your aspirations or ambitions. As more effort and desperation you would put in as more successful you would be. Your enemies will increase as well. You have to face-up strong protest from your enemies, if you concern about your workplace. You would get help in every kind of social work. Success will be crowned around your head through the work in which authority as well as command is essentially required.

You will form rules for yourself and will remain firm to your opinion.

The anticipated pleasure via marriage would not come to you. If you will manage to find out the perfect match as your ‘life-partner’ then surety is there for leading a prosperous married life. This would be possible only when your life-partner would have trust over your caliber and abilities that you are the best.

You can form plans by taking help of your creative skills. You ought to concentrate more on execution of your own plans instead of waiting for others’ help.

You will find it easy to get high designation.

You put your heart and soul in completing a task. Consequently, your muscles feel tired.

Economic condition: You would try to invest huge capital for fulfilling your plans. For writing a success-story while executing your plans, you would face many troubles since your enemies would be keeping an eye over your each move and if they would find even a small mistake or error in your work then they will not let go without humiliating you. You can expect success on the condition that you may not take much stress of work with the hope to earn more profit.

Health: Although you would be physically strong and healthy, but will remain in stress continuously and hence, your health would be affected badly. In case, you ignore the idea of retaining energy, you may be harmed by paralysis or pausing of heartbeat. It would not be your fault if your life would be short.

You are Aquarius by sunshine that is a house of Saturn. Because of the influence of Saturn, you would have least restrictions and therefore, you would be felicitated with more fruitful outcome and sources.

You ought to put on the colours mentioned below:

Jupiter: All shades of Violet or Chicory colour

The most beneficial gemstones for you would be: Amethyst or similar gems resembling violet tint or shade along with black pearl or black diamond.

The most important years, those would prove turning point in your life, will be: 3, 17, 21, 26, 30, 44, 48, 53, 57, 62, 66, 71, 75 and 80.

You would be attracted to the persons born 3rd, or the date summing up as 3, of any month. The persons born on 8, or the numerical series pertaining to 8 such as 8, 17 and 26, would be inclined to you. But the latter ones would not be as fortunate as the fore ones for you.

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