People born on 26th April fall under the sign ‘Aries’ and are positively influenced by Saturn and Mars planets in the 1st house.

The early stage of your life will be challenging as far as your high aspirations are concerned. Your family and relatives will put hurdles in the way of your progress. Many people will rely upon you as per Free Astrology Predictions.

You will be ambitious. You will get angry very easily in severe circumstances and you will struggle with them. But devotion and dedication to your work will be your most valuable asset.

Partnership, neither in business nor in marital life, will be fruitful to you. Early marriage will not satisfy you and inflict you with pain. But late marriage or partnership will be good option for you to get pleasure and benefits.

You will create innovative plans for beginning new industry and large scale business. Very few people will unanimously agree with your stand and ideas.

Your devotion, determination and dedication will help you to start business on large scale and will enable you to take it long way.

Money will not matter you. You will count it as a resource only. But the fear of poverty will grip you in its trap.

Those individuals who jump on quick decision will misjudge you as a miser.

You are very shy by nature and prefer to speak less. You will grow suspicious while interacting with strangers and will always hide your plans or game.

You will aim at achieving things. And you will decorate those achieved things in Almirah and will hardly use them later.

Being born on 26th April, the cusp of prospective Taurus sign, whose lord of ascendance is Venus, will reduce superior qualities of your character.

You will protest with firm attitude. But as the quarrel will be over, you will beg pardon instantly and even repent over harsh words which you would have used during making arguments.

You will appear uncontrollable while arguing with others. A bit provoke will make you furious.

You will be caught into many lawsuits. Law experts will render you disappointment and anxiety. Hence, you will have to fight legal battle on your own behalf.

Your destiny will be unfavorable for you regarding money matters till elder stage. But lacking funds will automatically be fulfilled as money will start flowing into your fate. The influence of Taurus sign will begin from 19th April. This cusp period will last for seven days till 26 April (1st day of Taurus, the 1st house of earth). Progressive work relating to earth will be advantageous for you. You will be fond of every art relating to Venus such as manufacturing perfumes or cologne, plantation of trees or flowers, music, painting and decoration etc.

Ignoring excellent ideas, hard work and the desire of working on large scale will be the greatest shortcomings of your attitude. Your stubborn nature will deny accepting your own defeat. But you have to keep patience rather than exposing your brave attribute.

Economical condition: Determination and devotion will always work wonder for you. But hardly anyone will be ready to accompany you as your partner.

You will make your own destiny. Others will not help you much. And eventually, you will be counted as rich.

Health: You will confront strange experience regarding your health. Your disease will be diagnosed wrongly and hence, wrong medicines will be prescribed to you.

You should not be addicted to alcohol and be aware regarding your food. Maintain healthy schedule to keep your intestine healthy. You may face diseases as poisoning, pimples, carbuncle, skin disease, constipation and other such kind of diseases. Blood disorder can also make you sick.

You can undergo many operations, possibly, of jaw, teeth and the bones of your brain. Your tonsils will be removed at very young age. You will fall ill due to problem in ear, nose, throat and lungs.

The addition of numbers that gives 4 will come in your life and will play astounding role such as 4, 8, 17, 22, 26 and 31. But it is not recommended that you will choose these numbers or dates knowingly for targeting your goal. But as such dates would approach as you utilize them.

You should give preference to the colours resembling in the sun primarily and then, give second preference to the colours of Venus and Mars which are:

The sun: Yellow, orange, golden, golden brown colour.

Venus: All shades of blue, the shades of sapphire especially.

Mars: Red and bright pink colour.

The gemstones which will be auspicious for you are: Diamond, Amber, garnet, Redstone, sapphire, ruby, topaz and emerald.

The most significant years are: 4, 8, 13, 22, 26, 31, 35, 40, 44, 49, 53, 58, 62, 67, 76 and 80.

The four main points of planet system will be more significant for those who are born on the dates that are summed up to give 4 and 8 in the specific months namely April, July, October, and from 22 December to 19 February as compare to those who are born in the rest months of the year but on similar aforementioned dates, i.e. the addition of 4 and 8.

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