Being born on 23rd April, you are Aries. You have positive influence of mercury and mars in the 1st house as per Free Astrology Predictions. This planetary alliance will be both, good as well as bad, for you. It will depend on how and in which direction your character will build and will- power progresses.

You would be wise and will have versatile skill who is multi-talented. But good supervision and guidance will be essential for you. You can achieve every aim if you will kick out over-ambitious attitude.

You will have habit of quick thinking, fast working and talking. You are fast forward in making arguments verbally. But your reasoning is remarkable and you judge the matter in no time.

You appreciate all innovative ideas but protest against old practices and conventional customs.

You love reading, mainly history. You are quick learner with sharp mind who recalls  the facts and dates instantly. Your writing as well as communication skill  will impress others.

You will easily get highly authoritative post if you enhance your will- power. If your negativity will be powerful then you will fall in bad company & get addicted to gambling, drinking alcohol. Ultimately, you will live alone & like to wander,  as  nomad does.

You will get love and loyalty from others but you will keep on showing your own emotions, and will remain neutral in the love affairs.

POssibly, you can marry more than once. You will face several difficulties in familial life.

Your straight-forward character and clear-cut answering will create some enemies. But overall, you will be able to mark positive influence in the heart of others.

Economical condition: Money will come to you when destiny has its wish. But you will give first preference to success in work. If you have outstanding qualities, then money will automatically credit to your account. But if you are on the low level of your planetary alliance, then you will become addicted too alcohol, gambling and drugs etc.. This way, your incredible skills will go waste. Hence, you will not be able to retain some good opportunities that you would have got earlier.

Health: Your overstressed mind can cause inflammatory nerves. You think yourself as a complex machine part. If you don’t do so then you will feel tired. Sometimes, the nerves of your eyes and face will flutter which will show you the symptom of over-stress upon your brain. You will fall sick due to digestive system or intestinal disorder.

You should perform your every work on the following auspicious dates: 5, 9, 14, 18, 23 and 27.

You should wear colours involving light red or pink tint.

Your auspicious gemstones are: Diamond, ruby and all glittering stones.

These are the important dates of the year that can be proven as turning point in your life: 5,9, 14, 18, 23, 27, 32, 36, 41,45, 50, 54, 59, 63, 68 and 72.

You will be easily attracted toward the people who would have been born on 5,14 or 23 of any month.

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