The individuals born on 27th April would be positively influenced by Venus according to Free Astrology Preqdictions.

As being born on 27th April, your characteristics will be more specific. You will be the first who would be influenced by number 9 as your birth day falls in this part of zodiac-cycle (rashi-chakra).

You will create ideas as per your free choice & work. You will become irritated when restricted and restrained. You will be straight forward who do not care for others’ sentiments while presenting your opinions and ideas.

You are quarrelsome and short-tempered also. You begin fighting or arguing within a moment.

Games will thrill you. You will keep searching adventurous moments. You will accept bigger challenges and will show your adventurous abilities & tough attitude while facing challenges. You will have tough qualities of a soldier. Your actual patriotic and courageous temperament will be seen at battlefield if you will get opportunity.

The risk of accidents will keep on ticking your nerves. Your life would face wound, injury, fire, explosion, gun-shot and operations. Beware of injuries targeting your eyes, upper part of your face and your head! The outdoor life and games will give you joy and fascination. You will be animal lover also, but they can be danger to your life as well.

It will be quite tough for you to work under someone else’ leadershipp. Independent ownership will be more pofitable for you.

You will have attractive personality that can seek everyone’s attention. The list of your love relations and romantiic stories will be long. Despite such shortcomings in your character, your marital life can be pleasurable if your life partner will be ready to forgive you for few mistakes.

You will prefer to consume liquor just to be a part of social circle but not for your own delight.

Economical condition: If you will work in an industry, business institution or as an employee, then you will make  money quite efficiently. Your brilliant mind will create remarkable schemes for coming out of any complicated situation. Your self-confidence and independency will mark the topmost in any job. You will be adventurous and fearless but at the same time stubborn and self-willed also which will not be fine for you. Destiny and luck will play big role for winning challenges. Your careless nature will prove that you assume life as a game since you will not be serious about it. But fortune, alone, will favor you till the end of your life.

Health: You will be healthy and energetic along with sufficient physical strength. Your immunity will help your body to get recovered soon from any illness easily. Your life will undergo accidents, especially by gun-shot, fire, explosion or any road accident.

High blood pressure, heart disease and epilepsy can make you unhealthy.

The most auspicious dates for you are mentioned 1, 9, 10, 18, 19, 27 and 28.

You should wear colours belonging to your planets and these auspicious colours are given below:

The sun: golden, yellow, orange, golden brown colour.

Mars: Red and bright pink colour.

These auspicious gemstones can help you to correct astrological defects in human life: Ruby, Garnet, Redstone, Diamond, Topaz and Amber.

The significant years of your life are: 9, 18, 27, 36 and 45.

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