Numerology Predictions For 30th April Born

Individuals born on 30th April fall under Aries sign with the positive effects of Jupiter and mars planets in the 3rd house of Agni traividya (nature of fire) according to Daily Astrology Predictions.

The alliance of fore mentioned planets will make you extremely ambitious. You will be firmly dedicated to your goal for ensuring success.

If you will win an authoritative designation, then nobody can stop you from getting success. Your ideas will be clear, certain and very powerful to rule.

You will be able to control, manage, assemble and organise any work. You will be very strict and justice-lover in legal administration. Even, you will not miss a chance to sacrifice your close relatives for setting an example before others indeed.

Your friends and enemies, both, will be strong. You will be independent. You will dislike restrictions and favourism. You will always wish to be the head of your family in every respect. If it will not happen then differences and troubles will become bigger.

An unknown power will rescue your life. Any strong & dangerous accidents will be averted by you. You are progressive as well as aggressive by nature but your prime aim will always be social welfare.

Your ultimate target would be to make your goodwill and repo in social circle. Although you will do friendship with elite class and influential people yet your behavior will be generous with lower level people.

You will posted on authoritative designation. You would be concerned to get government job at some stage of your life. You will get quick promotion, fame & honour if you join either arm or naval force.

You will have calilber to handle double jobs- one would be of your own business and the other would be of Municipal Corporation or any government job.

As you have equality, fair justice as well as seeking justice in your nature, you will be an ideal judge.

You will be fond of literature, science, deep study and every such thing that can lead to mind development.

Generally, you are creative & keep constructive vision. So, you will start remarkable social reforms.

Economical condition: Fortune will favor you in money matters. Thus, you will earn handsome money. You will investigate deeply before dealing in money. You will invest your capital or money in the work which will have returns for sure.

Health: You will have healthy body. Sports and outdoor life will bring excitement to you. Beware of animals as they can attack you profusely.

Consuming prohibited food while attending social gatherings or parties will cause indigestion and stomach disorder.

You may suffer from heart related diseases due to being over- weight in old age.

You ought to do your all significant works on such dates which are the multiple of 3. They are 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30.

Although number 6 is also auspicious for you yet those whose birth date falls in the category of the multiple of 6, they may drag you to troubles.

You ought to complete your vital works on the above mentioned dates as they are auspicious for you.

You ought to wear colours of your planets:

Jupiter: All shades of chicory and purple colour.

Venus: from light to dark shades of blue colour.

Mars: Red and bright pink.

Following years will prove turning point in your life: 6,9,12,15,18,21,24, 27,30,36,39,42,,45,48,51,54,57,60, 66,69,72,75 and 81.

You will be attracted toward the individuals who would be born on 3, 6, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27and 30.

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