Numerology Predictions For 29th April Born

Those who have taken birth on 29th April, they fall under the sign called ‘Aries’ along with the positive impact of Moon, Uranus (Varuna) and Mars (mangal) in the 1st house of Agni traividya (nature).

Aries have strange character due to peculiar planetary alliance. Partial part of your character will be as prominent as your strong will- power and determination. On the contrary, partial part of your character points that dreamy and romantic talks can easily impress you. Your ideas will be solid, substantial and unconventional also. Innovation is in your blood which comes out of your strong will-power. Whenever you are restricted, you get angry and will raise voice against that restrictions or old customs.

Your marital life will be full of sufferings if you will be asked to keep your romantic thoughts in control.

Although you will put your entire enthusiasm in any work yet your stubborn behavior will create troubles for you.

Your professional life will keep on changing. Sticking to one job for a long time will be impossible for you and no position in job will give you satisfaction. Married life will not be full of pleasure for you. Controlling emotions and adopting conventional style of living will bring some goodness in life.

You will be posted at commanding, self-dependent and dominant position. As an eminent leader, you will achieve a remarkable place, especially in politics or in army. You will have  a huge  fan-following since your communication skill as well as writing is unforgettable.  You will wish to achieve top position in job or running business. You will be appreciated for your prominent thoughts & ideas.

Economical condition: Your business planning skill  is  outstanding. If your partner will not create any hurdle then success of your business planning will be sure. A bit of polishing in writing or artistic skill will bring fame to you. You will achieve height in any field and make good name.

Health- You would stay healthy. But think about  over- stress due to excitement as it can make you tired.  Fever and blood-disorder may hit your health. Acne and pimples can pop-up on your forehead, face and body.

Your various body parts will experience surgery. Intestinal disorder can also hit your health. Teeth, jaws, throat, nose, ear and mastoid related health disorders along with sinus can also lead you to illness.

You will face accidents in destiny. You would die either in an accident or be murdered.

The following numbers are auspicious dates for doing any of your important works: 2, 7, 9,11,16,18,20,25,27 and 29.

You should put on the colours belonging to your planets and such auspicious colours are given below:

Moon: all shades of green and white.

Uranus: Grey

Mars: Red and vibrant pink.

These are the auspicious gemstones that will do some miracle for you: green Jade, Moonstone (Chandramani), cat’s eye (lehsuniya), opal, pearl, ruby, garnet and other red coloured stones.

Important years: 2,7,9,11,16,18,20,25,27,29,34,36,38,43,45,52,54,61,63,70,72 and 81.

Those whose birth date falls on 2,7,11,16,20,25 and 29 of any month will easily attract you.

As being born on 29th April, your sign will fall under the cusp of Taurus. The lord of Taurus sign is Venus which will enable you to be more attractive in the eyes of others. Your aggression will calm down.  But males will possibly be surrounded by problems due to females and vice-verse.

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