The persons born on 3rd January are grouped under Capricorn sunshine. You come under the influence of Jupiter.

You individuality will be as vigorous and aggressive as Jupiter.

Your aspiration would work underlies your every aspiration. Your tenacity and efforts would contribute to your success. Envy would be bred in the heart of your many for you.  Protest would also be marched against you. Regardless of your workplace or profession, you would tend to give rise to your rivals. You would procure help in every kind of public workplace or ambience. Success will be crowned on your head in the work imbued with authority and command.

The ethics and rules would be constituted by you on your own and you will stay stick to your opinion and viewpoint.

Marriage would not bring you enormous pleasure. The right selection of spouse, who would believe that you have an edge over his/her brain or wisdom, may ensure pleasurable married life.

You can formulate plans by virtue of your creative skills. You ought to execute your own ideas instead of relying upon others.

You would be desirous to improve the condition of poor class people. You would be a philanthropist doing welfare of the entire humanity instead of concentrating on just one. Consequently, you would be a prey of enmity and ill-will. You would be destined to have personal enemies who would be threat to your life not one time but many.

You put your heart and soul in accomplishing a task. Consequently, your muscles feel fatigues or tiresome.

Economic condition: You would endeavour to invest huge capital for fulfilling your plans and aspirations. For writing a success-story while executing your plans, you would go through many dangers since your enemies would be monitoring your each move to seek even a small mistake or error for humiliating you. You can anticipate success provided that you may not take much stress of work with the hope to calculate more profit.

Health: Although you would be physically fit and healthy, but sustain stress over your mind perpetually and hence, your health would reach to detrimental stage. In case you underestimate the idea of retaining energy and vigour, you may be inflicted with paralysis or halting of heart-beat. It would not be your fault if your life-span would be short.

The most significant numbers for you are 3, or the number pertaining to the series of this number that represents Jupiter, and 8 that symbolizes Saturn. You ought to commence your plans on the dates of 3, such as 3, 12, 21 and 30.

You ought to put on the colours mentioned below:

Jupiter: All shades of Violet or Chicory colour

The most auspicious gemstones for you would be: Amethyst or similar gems resembling violet tint or shade along with black pearl or black diamond.

The most important year proving turning point in your life would be: 3, 17, 21, 26, 30, 44, 48, 53, 57, 62, 66, 71, 75 and 80.

You would be bewitched to the persons born 3rd ,or the date summing up as 3, of any month. The individuals born on 8, or the numerical series pertaining to 8 such as 8, 17 and 26, would be inclined to you. But the latter ones would not be as fortunate as the fore ones for you.