The persons born on 27th February will be under the impression of Mars and Jupiter (negative) due to beginning of Pisces sunshine.

You will earn good name and prestige in life usually.

Famous liberal thinker and writer ‘Joseph Brennan’, whose book ‘Life of Christ’ had created mayhem, was born on 27th February. He owned a unique personality and followed a free way of lifestyle.

Renowned actress Ellen Terry was also born on 27th February. Her individuality was very influential that she did not leave her ground and remained Terry always, no matter whatever character she is playing and how much beautifully she is portraying the character.

You will have liberal nature and possess the same approach. Your will power and determination will give your consent to the matter which is correct. You would support that person as well who would be inflicted by injustice.

Whatever you would do, will reflect your impression.

You would argue very often whenever is required. You would understand both aspects and will instantly pick up the potholes that would appear wrong. Hence, you will draw benefits out of it for taking an edge. You may face criticism due to acquiring loud, aggressive and clear point of view. You will be stubborn and devoted person who would often stand firmly to do as per desire. You have attractive personality that tends to magnetizes others to incline to you.

You would be kind by heart and thus, will do acts of goodness by heart and soul. You would also participate in social reforms. Your generous nature will give opportunity to your enemies to rise and protest against you.

You will appear as a good manager, in case the work would be of big level, as of an international or national level.  Being kind, your sub-ordinates or colleagues would appreciate you.

You will earn good name and honour while being in many fields, such as from serving food to army for contributing to the expansion of big industry. The step you would pick to do would include the demand of people.

Economic condition: You would be ‘lucky’ in some specific situations. But the manner of spending money would be the matter of surprise for everyone. Possibility indicates that you may not have enough funds before saying goodbye to this world or you may earn trust and honour by donating money in charity.

Health: You need not get worried about your health. You would concern about your health very less and for this reason, you would be kept away from various diseases. But you have to be cautious about your heart and lungs.

The most significant numbers for you would belong to digit 9 or its series. The auspicious dates for you are 9, 18 and 27.

The most beneficial colours appeasing to Mars are Red and Pink.

The gemstones suitable to you are chicory, violet coloured gems and Amethyst also that appease Jupiter.

The most significant years in your life are: 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72 and 81.

You will be attracted to the persons taken birth on 3 and 9 of any month.