The Reputation Of Each Of The Signs Of The Zodiac

It is often said that Taurus are stubborn or that Scorpios are ready to do anything for revenge. Indeed, there are many preconceived ideas in astrology, this one being a very vast field where each one goes there of its interpretation. In addition, many of us fail to take into account that this pseudoscience is only a rough analysis of our personality and therefore it can not be generalized. Especially since many parameters come into play, including the ascendancy of each sign of the zodiac, astral configurations and above all, the individuality of each of us.
Each sign of the zodiac is recognizable by its character traits, which generally include qualities and defects specific to each, or in some cases, common to several signs. This makes it possible to evaluate compatibilities between different people. Only downside: these characteristics sometimes lead to stigmatization because they are not evaluated in their context. This then gives birth to myths that are perpetuated in time, and which give each sign an “obscure” side that is misinterpreted. Let’s unravel the true from the wrong in this article.
Myth: Difficult, aggressive
Reality: If Aries returns the image of an aggressive sign, it is because it actually tends to lose its coolness. On the other hand, his anger and his difficult temperament never appear without reason. It is only when a situation causes him great harm that he reacts brutally.
Myth: Stubborn, obstinate
Reality: Taurus is perceived as such because behind its “obstinacy” lies a great sense of perfectionism. Obnubilated by his desire to do well, he can not stand failure.
MythUnstable, whimsical
Reality: The dualistic nature of Gemini is often pointed out. Yet it is precisely this “defect” that makes it one of the most sociable signs of the zodiac. Thanks to his ability to adapt, he manages to find a place in all circles and while being appreciated by his interlocutors.
MythWeak, too sensitive
Reality: Assimilated to a weakness, the sensitivity of Cancer hides a great empathy, a quality that many of us neglect when it represents the very essence of the personality of the natives of this sign.
MythSelfish, haughty
Reality: Under his haughty and proud airs, the Leo seeks to protect his heart from possible disappointments. Thus, if he establishes a distance with others, it is simply because he is waiting to feel confident. Once this stage is over, the native of this sign is ready for anything for love for his family.
Myth: Critical, antisocial
Reality: The native of the Virgo is generally introverted and reserved, which earned her the label of critical and antisocial sign. Those who know him really know that, in fact, this is one of the most sociable signs. He just needs time to trust.
MythManipulator, hypocrite
Reality: Its manipulative side can be confusing and associated with a form of hypocrisy. Indeed, the native of Libra often conceals his deep thoughts and does not allow himself to be confessed easily. However, it is never by malice or malice. If he prefers to keep his ideas to himself, it is only to avoid hurting others with truths that they are not ready to hear.
MythSecret, proud
Reality: It is true that Scorpio is a mysterious and relatively secretive sign about his personal life. This earned him the reputation of being “too proud”, even condescending. However, although his dignity is very important in his social interactions, his love for his loved ones is boundless.
MythCasual, carefree
Reality: We often associate Sagittarius with a sign that only thinks of having fun … and that could not be more wrong. If this native returns the image of an idle person, know that he is endowed with extreme sensitivity and that he never stops questioning himself.
Myth: Arrogant, dismissive
Reality: The defects that Capricorn is blamed for are the source of his success. His disdain, which in reality symbolizes his sense of priorities, is what allows him to maintain his seriousness and concentration in order to carry out all his projects.
MythNonchalant, superficial
Reality: Dreamy, carefree and nonchalant, Aquarius differs from other signs in its marginal approach to life. Far from being superficial, he only wants to stay in his bubble, along with those who really understand him.
MythExtrovert, dissatisfied
Reality: Very creative, Pisces sometimes gets lost in his imagination. He multiplies the new experiences to test his ideas and can, in case of failure, show a great dissatisfaction. Nevertheless, he never gives up and makes a point of defending his projects. A quality that many of us tend to ignore …