This Is Your Biggest Obstacle In Life Based On Your Zodiac Sign

We are not all in the same boat in the face of adversity. The resilience we experience in facing the various obstacles of life stems mainly from our personality and our past experiences. These are unique to each of us, so it is difficult to deal with them in the same way. In addition, it also means that what constitutes an annoyance for some will not necessarily be the case for others. Discover your greatest obstacle in life, according to your zodiac sign.
“You have to smile in the face of adversity, until it capitulates”. Just and wise words from the American author Og Mandino, but not always easy to apply. Indeed, one of the greatest challenges for man is to prevent situations of drama in order to anticipate effective solutions. Especially since it is impossible for him to have absolute control over the events that surround him.
The astrologers have looked into the problem and although there is no quick fix to find out what lies ahead, they have realized that it is still possible to pinpoint certain situations that could affect us. Depending on our personality and what is likely to annoy us, they identified the most important obstacle for each sign of the zodiac. Lighting.
Aries – Boredom
Adept of novelty, adventure and new sensations, Aries gets bored very quickly. This is often a problem because his desire for adrenaline and change does not diminish over time, quite the contrary.
Taurus – Stagnation
Very ambitious, Taurus loses all its means when his life stops evolving. Driven by a constant desire for personal and professional development, he feels oppressed when he stagnates and does not know how to use his skills to take new successful initiatives.
Gemini – The indecision
Sign characterized by its dualism, the Gemini is of indecisive nature and thus faces the most important obstacle of all the zodiac. Shared between his excessive ambition and his desire to live a simple and happy life surrounded by his family, the native of this sign is always in the grip of doubt.
Cancer – Instability
Personal, professional or family, instability scares Cancer to the highest point. In fact, this last dream of a structured life where everything takes place according to the plans that he could put in place. As a result, it tends to succumb to monstrous pressure at the mere mention of a change to come.
Leo – The opinion of others
Some will say that he is imbued with his person but in reality, the Leo is cold to hide his extreme sensitivity. The opinion of others can be fatal for this sign of Fire that works daily to shine.
Virgo – Doubt
Very perfectionist, the native of the Virgin never knows what decision to make and this represents her biggest obstacle in life. For fear of making a mistake, he sinks into an atmosphere of continuous doubt.
Libra – The lack of balance
Like its eponymous sign, Libra needs stability, peace and serenity to live in harmony. Thus, the lack of balance can be fatal to his sense of tranquility because it puts him in the presence of an uncertain future. To maintain psychological well-being, the native of this sign would benefit from trying meditation to cope with changes in a more stoic way.
Scorpio – Ambitious ambition
Driven by his desire to succeed, Scorpio gives himself body and soul to his career. Unfortunately, this obsession obscures his consciousness and prevents him from realizing that to achieve success, one must evolve gradually. Blinded by his excessive desires, he suffers the consequences of a gargantuan frustration.
Sagittarius – Immaturity
Although he is generally responsible, Sagittarius sometimes tends to let go of everything from wanting to escape from his daily problems. Only problem: this desire to escape is very sudden and pushes him to act impulsively and thoughtlessly. By taking certain decisions on a whim, the native of this sign ends up having to manage problems that he himself created.
Capricorn – Perfectionism
Very demanding of himself, Capricorn is trapped in his exacerbated perfectionism. The latter is his main obstacle in life because it bogs him into his dissatisfaction, preventing him at the same time from moving forward.
Aquarius – Procrastination
Idealist, dreamer and very intellectual, Aquarius aspires to change the world … without leaving his bed! He is constantly developing new projects and putting in place strategies to help humanity. Unfortunately, they are more theory than practice because of its procrastination that hinders the achievement of its objectives.
Pisces – Empathy exacerbated
Touched by the human cause, Pisces is extremely sensitive to the feelings of others. A quite commendable quality that makes it one of the greatest empaths of the zodiac. However, this sometimes hinders the evolution of its own projects. Indeed, the native of this sign is devoted unconditionally and often ends up forgetting himself trying to help others.