3 Combinations Of Signs Of The Zodiac Not Compatible To Be In Couple

Astral accounting is an important element to consider, which assesses the chances of success of a relationship held by two people with different astrological signs. This analysis is based on the characteristics of their solar sign, and the positioning of their stars in the zodiac. If the position of the planet governing your sign is opposite to that of your partner, you are unlikely to hear in the long run.
Thus, astral compatibility defines what threatens your couple and what prevents the internal balance of the relationship. It also tells you about ways to better live your relationship and try to find potential points of agreement.
Taurus and Aries:
This couple perfectly illustrates the shock of the titans. These are two signs with a strong personality, imposing power and limitless ambition. Their relationship has a strong chance of becoming a power struggle. The native Aries lives his love passionately. On the other hand, the Taurus person is much more rebellious and prefers to establish their own comfort zone, especially since they have an authentic thought that differentiates them from those around them. These are two passionate signs that could form a true leadership duo if the native Aries manages to control his aggression and jealousy and the native Taurus avoids criticizing the unconventional practices of his spouse.
Capricorn and Gemini
The Gemini natives are real teasers, with an immeasurable joie de vivre that they do not fail to transmit to their entourage. But they can be tired of their partner Capricorn rather taciturn and in the dark mood. The native Gémeaux lives life to the fullest and lives passionately the present moment, while his spouse Capricorn spends his time structuring the stages of life by making plans to go. They may well be complementary signs, but for that it would be necessary for Capricorn learn to enjoy more fleeting moments that life can offer and let go of the reins to enjoy the happy evenings, that Gemini is likely to make him live. Vice versa, the native Gemini will be able to take advantage of the down-to-earth spirit of Capricorn to stabilize his flow of ideas.
Cancer and Libra
Cancer people have a fairly high sense of family, and are always looking for the potential of a home to build in their partner. The native Libra are more fleeting, have a high critical sense which has the effect of plunging their spouse into a continuous doubt. They were not made for the type of romance that the spouse Cancer seeks. The latter needs to be reassured, while the native Libra does not stop renewing his vows towards their couple, something he does not grasp and risks to scare him. This relationship will lead to the emotional frustration of a Cancer spouse seeking a peaceful and fusional relationship, and a native Libra who seeks rather an intellectual connection to establish.
How to restore balance in a couple?
Sometimes, we feel that everything is wrong in his relationship. Disputes are raging everywhere and it is difficult to restore harmony to better enjoy his relationship. Most of the time, and if there is not a concern for astral compatibility, emotional aggregation and routine can be two factors to explore in this case. Also, the first occurs if you have had a series of disputes that you could not resolve after a discussion, and that you must surely have repressed at some point. What happens next, is that the confusion of everyday life can push you to the end, creating endless tension. To get rid of it, you have to sit at the table with your spouse and try to treat each point separately. In trying to conclude each frustration that the other could cause to get rid of it completely.
When routine sets in, it becomes an invisible malaise that gradually poisons your relationship. Try to break this vicious circle by programming activities that are different from your daily life, and restore some that were a source of happiness for you at the beginning of your relationship. So nostalgia can help you revive the flame.