The 5 Most Materialistic Signs Of The Zodiac

Often, greed is linked to deep psychological suffering. It can originate from an austere education and reflect an anxiety of lack. This unhealthy report to money can reflect a difficulty in feeling abundance and a constant fear of being financially insecure. According to celestial configurations, there are five signs characterized by deep greed. Cupid and materialistic, they have no qualms about harming others to serve their interests.
Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)
The natives of this sign are so career-oriented that they are ready to compromise their relationships to climb the ladder. They spend a lot of their time calculating their expenses and have no qualms about sacrificing their needs to save money. Their filthy greed pushes them to enjoy the generosity of others without the slightest guilt. As a couple, they expect their partner to finance their luxurious and excessive lifestyle. Cupid and opportunistic, they collect discount tickets and are the obsession of traders. Their motto? “A penny is a penny”
Capricorn (December 22-January 20)
Careerists and opportunists, beware of whoever dares to walk on the flower beds of the natives of this sign. And for good reason, Capricorn have no qualms about putting together the worst schemes to neutralize their competitors in professional circles. Gifted in the art of lying and manipulation, they pretend to be poor to win the pity of those around them. They often tend to abuse the generosity of their friends and can incur huge debts. Their hobby? Spend hours budgeting savings.
Leo(July 23rd-August 23rd)
Between love and money, the natives of this sign of fire do not hesitate for a second. Materialistic and greedy, they will tend to choose a wealthy and generous partner to support their lavish lifestyle. Singles, they will tend to count the least penny and abuse the generosity of their friends to provide them with lodging and lodging. They are not inclined to offer, they often forget about birthdays and special events. Their greed sometimes pushes them to scour the garage sales to find the best deal.
Gemini (May 21-June 21)
The natives of this sign are so selfish that they can relieve themselves of their responsibilities for their pleasure. If they are very spendthrift for their comfort, they are avaricious when it comes to making others happy. As a couple, they will never invite their partner to dinner and will always pretend they never have enough money. Their opportunism is such that they have no qualms about crushing their opponents for promotion.
Taurus (April 21-May 20)
Obsessed with money, Taurus live constantly in fear of missing. Their small petty calculations will push them to always strive strategies to achieve their ends. Their obsession with spending may make them neglect their own comfort. In a perpetual concern to save themselves the lean periods, they will not skimp on any economy.