The 5 Most Immature Zodiac Signs Unable To Assume Their Responsibilities

Some men seem cruelly influenced by their mother figure. Being small, they developed a fusional relationship with their mother. In adulthood, this phenomenon has manifested itself in an inability to cope with the vagaries of life and to assume their responsibilities. These men, who have probably not been able to go beyond the Oedipal problematic, become immature and capricious partners over time.
Who are they really? Why can not they establish a stable relationship with a woman? What prevents them from asserting their points of view and making decisions on a daily basis?

Mother-son, a relationship that impacts the life of a man

It can not be denied, the mother-son relationship is unique. Before the age of two, the boy unconsciously rejects the paternal figure and wishes to replace it. This is what Freud called “the Oedipus complex”. A relationship of seduction is then established between the mother and the son. Generally, from the age of two, this ambiguous relationship diminishes so that the boy can express his independence.
Nevertheless, he is still attached to his mother and will try to monitor her from afar, while trying new experiences. Some mothers tend not to accept this separation and insist on preserving the strength of this connection. In adulthood, some men remain deeply influenced by the education they have received from their mothers. Thus, if she has been too domineering, they will tend not to trust themselves and submit to the wishes of others. If she was too lax, they might think they were all allowed and behaving inappropriately. In the end, their mother will always have an impact on their adult life.

The zodiac signs of the most immature men:

According to the celestial waves, these 5 astrological sign of the zodiac are likely to be sons to mom and to manifest their lack of maturity in a recurring way.
1- Virgo
The man born under this sign attaches great importance to the respect of certain basic principles. Acting prudently on a daily basis, the Virgo man is always afraid to make mistakes. Thus, the native of this sign tends to be very hesitant and has a hard time making decisions. In reality, he lacks self-confidence and needs reassurance on a daily basis. Moreover, he can dramatize certain situations and be very pessimistic.
2- Libra
The native of this sign is sociable and likes to share pleasant moments with his entourage. Charming, it attracts women without having to make the slightest effort. Nevertheless, the Libra man has trouble managing romantic relationships. Indeed, he is whimsical and can get carried away without good reason. In addition, he needs everything to be orderly and tidy but hates doing chores. Thus, the partner of the Libra man can be attributed the role of his mother, in spite of herself, to guarantee him a clean environment and to assure him all the necessary comfort.
3- Cancer
Subject to a difficulty of managing one’s own emotions, the Cancer man is a real child. Capricious, it requires special attention from his relatives. Indeed, he can express incessant and sometimes extravagant demands. Sensitive, he is also very sensitive and can misinterpret certain sometimes innocuous gestures. The darling of the Cancer man must know how to cope with his versatile temperament and help him regulate his tantrums.
4- Pisces
Gentle and generous, the pisces man has an artichoke heart. He dreams of finding the rare pearl and to live a story worthy of a romantic film. A bit irrational, the native of this sign has a lot of trouble taking responsibility. He is often immersed in his bubble that is gradually moving away from reality. As a result, the Pisces partner acts with unbearable lightness in certain situations. Indeed, he tends to delegate important tasks to others and to discharge his obligations.
5. Aquarius
Very intelligent, the Aquarius man arouses the interest and admiration of others. Intuitive, it is sometimes attributed qualities of visionary and it has the merit of flattering his ego. However, the native of this sign can not stand being contradicted and can be stubborn when he thinks he is right. In addition, he remains talkative and does not listen enough to the comments of others. But his irresponsible side is manifested when he faces certain tricky situations in society. The Aquarius man says what he thinks, without restraint and without questioning. Thus, he can be awkward and hurt others in spite of himself.