The 4 Most Wicked Zodiac Signs In Men And Women

Who has never wanted to take revenge or cross the dark side to exteriorize suffering or disappointment? Yes, as kind and calm as one can be, no one is safe from a vengeful mood. This feeling of relief and satisfaction is never lasting and does more harm than good around us. Are you one of those people who have trouble getting through the sponge or are you worried about some people around you? Find out what are the most vindictive and mean signs.

Anger and resentment are human feelings that every human being can feel. It will nevertheless be expressed in different ways, sometimes by forgiveness, or by revenge or by breaking ties. Find out in this article what are the most vindictive and nasty zodiac signs in men and women according to astrologers.

Scorpions are passionate, possessive beings with a fiery temperament, both sentimental and friendly. It is in your interest to behave well with them and not to betray them. They are very resentful and the consequences can be devastating if they feel hurt. They will feel better only after avenging themselves.

Even if they are calm, quiet and sensitive, astrological sign Pisces can easily turn if they feel betrayed. This feeling of disappointment felt after a betrayal can give them a real desire for revenge. It may take time but they will not hesitate to reach you if it can help them feel better.

Taurus tend to forgive but with difficulty, they manage to pass the sponge but do not forget the harm that was done to them. Intellectuals, they will then seek revenge in a more subtle way, they will harm you but you will realize that too late or never. It is better not to provoke them.

This is the naughty sign of the list. He rarely takes revenge even though he tends to be resentful, but when he does, it’s subtle, with words. These can be more hurtful. The native of the Virgin will not then worry about the harm that is done. He will have no qualms about making you lose confidence in yourself.

Capricorns are known for their helpful and loyal side but also for their vengeful mood and grudge. It is in your interest to give them plausible explanations if you betray them, they may forgive you, but that will not prevent them from taking revenge or reproaching you for the rest of your life.

Behind their carapace of hard man and strong character, the Leo have a certain sensitivity. Once wounded, they will perfectly know how to hide it but will also seek revenge. Be careful though, it may happen when you least expect it. Better to stay on guard.

Just like women, Scorpio men are passionate and very resentful men with a very strong character. They can be even more confrontational and proud than women and will not hesitate to hurt those who betray them.

They are even more resentful than the Pisces women, they never forget the harm done to them and will always seek revenge even after several years of silence. It is better not to disappoint them, since they are faithful in friendship and loyal.