The 3 Most Cynical Zodiac Signs (They Do Not Feel Pity)

Cynicism is often associated with wickedness and antipathy. Cynical people seem to be devoid of feelings, kindness or empathy. They can laugh at everything and attack you directly without asking any questions. Sometimes willingly, sometimes by sheer awkwardness. However, in some cases, this cynicism is used to better mask a certain sensitivity that these signs consider a weakness. Then discover what signs of the zodiac are the most cynical. Be careful, after reading this article you will not have pity on them anymore.
Cynical people often have a certain subtlety and manage to make fun of even the worst situations, sometimes without you noticing. Often it’s their experience of life and society that made them cynical. They do not care about your feelings as long as they say what they think. Find out what these signs are, according to astrologers.

Capricorn ( December 22 to January 20)
On a sentimental level, the Capricorns, behind their hard-shell carapace, are sensitive or even fragile beings who are afraid of being disappointed and abandoned. They will then develop a certain creativity to protect themselves from possible disappointments such as they may have lived through their past. They know how to laugh at everything, black humor is their specialty! On a friendly or professional level, they can appear cold and contemptuous on certain occasions. They are very ambitious beings with a materialistic side that let them think that everything at a price. For them, no matter what may happen, and no matter how serious the situation, it can be settled or replaced by money. Finally, their stubborn side makes them always want to be right. They are not very open to discussion and will hardly listen to your arguments whether they are wrong or not.
Scorpio (October 23 to November 21)
Scorpions are spontaneous beings who do not hide what they think. They are generally appreciated for that. Nevertheless, they are also possessive and resentful people, who have a tendency to envy their entourage and want to dominate or even manipulate them. Moreover, the limit between the franchise and the attack is sometimes difficult to see. Despite their intellectual and subtle side, they can be awkward or lack tact, which has the gift of annoying or even hurt their entourage. Their demanding and selfish side accentuates this character trait and makes it even more difficult for the people they meet. Few, if at all, empathic, they will be part of the people who will have no mercy for you, no matter the circumstances.
Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21):
Under their cheerful and sympathetic airs, Sagittarius hide a cynical side that can quickly annoy. The spades are their specialty. If you have the misfortune to hurt them they will not hesitate to return the favor and annoy you. Sagittarius will attack you in all subtlety and will want to contradict you just to annoy you even if they are wrong. In the same way as Scorpio, Sagittarius tends to tell the truth, sometimes a little too much. They have a strong temperament, proud and sometimes moralistic. They are idealists who need everyone to conform to their ideas. If they are not, they will turn on you and criticize you. Attention, they are also awkward beings, they can be in good faith and attack you without realizing it. If you want to react, first make sure of their intentions.