6 Most Defensive Zodiac Signs

“The best defense is the attack”.Whether they are right or wrong, prepare for a heated exchange because they can not admit defeat let alone acknowledge their mistakes. They take things extremely to heart and react even more disproportionately if you point this character trait of the finger. Mixing susceptibility and anger, they are constantly on the defensive. Here are their zodiac signs.
It is said that there is only the truth that hurts and for cause, it touches a chord that we know to be true, even if we do not admit it. Indeed, the human being is conditioned to put his qualities ahead rather than his faults. This is what allows each of us to present ourselves in the best light in society and thus to move forward in life to achieve its goals.
Thus, it is no surprise that some are constantly on the defensive, a strategy they have chosen consciously or not, to protect themselves from situations capable of harming them. For these signs of the zodiac, it will be enough to confront them to the reality of their behavior to watch them get carried away the second that follows. Zoom on their profiles.
In order to avoid any betrayal or disappointment, the Aries have a strategy to act before being hurt. In the presence of a threat or not, the natives of this sign will prefer to take the lead by letting appear a disguised aggressiveness, intended to reveal the intentions of the one who faces them. In a subtle and equivocal way, they will choose to preach the false to know the truth, even when there is no reason to worry. Victims of their own conspiracy theories, they see the evil everywhere and take the risk of seeing their loved ones gradually get away from their negative waves.
Sign of Earth often pointed at his obstinacy, Taurus is, indeed, intractable in a situation of conflict. Its natives, blinded by anger, have trouble reasoning logically and tend to engage in a virulent rant against those who dare to criticize them. Fortunately, they sometimes give a second chance to those who really matter to them, but as a precaution, do not try them …
Gemini is very likely to be ready to react at any moment, as if they were just waiting a crooked step on the part of their interlocutor to pour out their anger. Daily suspicious, they are constantly on the alert, which pushes them to adopt a passive-aggressive attitude that disrupts the quality of their social exchanges. This is mainly due to past traumas that have developed their need for self-protection against potential betrayals.
Of a possessive nature, the natives of the Virgin see any attempt to approach their social circle as a frontal and personal attack. This applies to their friends, family and romantic partners. If they are convinced that they owe them exclusivity, it is because they have experienced many painful betrayals in the past. Prisoners of uncontrollable fear of losing their loved ones, they can not help but be on the defensive as soon as a new person approaches them.
Suspicious and suspicious, the natives of Cancer are surprisingly cold if they think they are thinking of attacking them. The presumption of innocence is a concept totally foreign to them. In their eyes, you are guilty until proven guilty. Indeed, the natives of this sign often react quarter-turn without seeking to disentangle the true from the false. Without an ounce of remorse, they will camp on their positions, leaving the situation to deteriorate for no good reason.
Symbolic and sociable by nature, Libra are nonetheless very likely when it comes to their personal lives. Whether it concerns their passions or their love stories, beware of the sarcasm and irony that can mingle with your tone because in the blink of an eye, the natives of this Air sign will come out claws to counterattack. They will fervently defend what is dear to them and will not hesitate to put an end to your relationship with the slightest criticism.