3 Zodiac Signs That Make The Worst Bosses

Not everyone is good at human resource management because it requires managerial and leadership skills. As with many aspects of life, the ability to lead staff well and to create a harmonious work environment is also influenced by the signs of the zodiac. When some share a kindness and warmth, others take pleasure in power and turn into real tyrants oppressing all employees in their path. Discover the worst bosses of the zodiac!
There are bosses with a comforting sympathy who immediately put their collaborators at ease, give them the desire and the motivation to struggle and give the best of themselves.
Then there are the distant bosses, those who favor a silence full of contempt but who still give respite to their staff.
Then there are those who make professional life a real hell and push their employees to the brink of nerve crisis. Focus on those astrological signs that are really not made to be bosses!
1. Leo
It is enough to give a little bit of power to the Leo so that they abuse it seriously when it comes to ordering others. Their pride is very quickly touched, they do not support the remarks of the displaced employees or questioning their decisions.
It is difficult to discuss openly with them about their strategic position and this often ends in arguments.
Being great perfectionists, Leo bosses hardly excuse professional mistakes even when it comes to small delays. Be certain that they have already recorded the slightest deviations and that they are waiting for the right moment to expose them and confront the person concerned.
They also have difficulty accepting strikes in the workplace because they feel it is an attack on their integrity as a business owner.
In this case, they will have just as much trouble remunerating Protestant employees for change, especially when it comes to increases and they feel that this is not necessarily justified.
What’s more, their sense of perfection often drives them to set up regular inspection policies to ensure work is done, which automatically creates more pressure internally. This places them undeniably among the worst bosses of the zodiac!
2. Virgo
The Virgo likes to control the slightest aspect of their professional life to leave nothing to chance.
This mania of control, although beneficial for the results of the company, does not fail to create an atmosphere of anxiety and stress, which is far from being the most warm.
Their thirst for power and their overall vision makes it difficult for them to bear the procrastination of their employees.
They believe that anyone who does not put theirs in their favor and is not entirely devoted to the cause is simply a lazy person who does not deserve his salary.
And even when a job is well done, they are not the type to compliment others to increase the self-esteem of the employee.
This does not help their managers to feel valued, reason that pushes them to look elsewhere as soon as the opportunity arises. We can not say that it is the ideal to build a dedicated, loyal and enthusiastic team that will carry projects from the start.
Grumpy in the face of dissatisfaction, they prefer to be always distant, even sometimes petty with their employees. Which places them in the rank of the less pleasant bosses with whom to work!
3. Scorpio
Scorpios are real workhorses who do not skimp on any effort to see their projects at work. They idealize this area of ​​their lives and push the desire for productivity to the extreme.
This exaggeration and this excess of zeal naturally affects their collaborators, who do not all take a good look at this continuous and incessant pressure.
Especially since the natives of this sign tend to react according to their mood of the moment, it is therefore recommended not to approach them when the latter is execrable under penalty of suffering sudden flashes.
Scorpions often listen to the gossip of coffee rooms and base their decisions on the hearsay of gossip, which is not always fair to their employees. They are easily influenced by being told what they want to hear, to the point of losing qualified and reliable employees.