Personality & Temper of the Zodiac Scorpio

The Scorpio is fiercely independent, flirty, and dynamic, because of the ruling planets – Mars and Pluto. Therefore, it’s usually the darling of the media, and gleans the affections of people, over and over. In general, they’ve a great fellowship; it’s their innate talent to impel people, to follow them with all the praises, and support them unconditionally. For that reason, they aren’t only independent, but also rather powerful, in all walks of life.

“The Social Butterflies”, that’s what some astrologers think about them; they believe that scorpions have the ability to control the people around them, emotionally and psychologically; their dynamic appearance, and passionate nature, put them in the ultimate position of power, and push others to think that they’re the power of today… Though, it’s just the tip of an iceberg. If some Scorpio is in politics, or film-industry, he/she can have the heart and the mind of the tiger, or a wolf; he/she will immediately get the respect it deserves, and in fact, become the magnet, and make people worship him/her – judiciously.

A person can experience a series of extremes, if he/she is in love with the Scorpion. Since, this sign loves to cross the boundaries; if they’re feeling loved, they can truly flood you with the diamonds and the sunshines, however, if they aren’t in the mood, or feeling resentment because of some specific act, expect them to hold the grudges; they don’t exonerate.

Grabbing the limelight is a walk in the park, and it’s because they possess some top-notch latent traits that are magical for others, such as, strong-will, mysteriousness, and ambition. However, at the same time, people should stay wary of their sting. It’s never a good idea to offend them, as they see the world in black-and-white; you’re either wrong or right; you’re either their friend or enemy; you’re either their ally or competitor. There aren’t any fifty shades of grey. Therefore, if you’re with them, take sides; don’t dwell in the grey.