Personality & Temper of the Chinese Zodiac Rabbit

The Rabbit, is the 4th animal of the Chinese zodiac. In recent years, the years of the rabbit were 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, and 2011. In Chinese legends, the rabbit was a symbol of hope. The rabbit’s lucky numbers are 3, 4, 9, and their lucky flowers are the Snapdragon and nerve plant.

People born in the year of the zodiac rabbit generally have very likeable characters, and have quiet and gentle souls. They are sensitive, merciful, modest, and compassionate, and have an excellent memory to match. They will try to avoid arguing and would prefer to turn their foes into friends. Rabbits will always make you feel welcomed and good about yourself. When tough situations come their way, they are known to handle them in a calm and assertive manner.

People With the rabbit sign like to seek adventure and don’t like being bored or having a dull life. They will create interesting situations wherever they go, and often be involved in exciting romance.

Men who bear the sign of the rabbit are known to be polite, keep good company and have a soft smile that puts people at ease.

People from the year of the rabbit are pretty with an elegant temperament and are faithful to the people they keep close. Artistic with ambidextrous hands, a talent for cooking, calligraphy and painting is common.

Rabbits have a hard time meditating and can often make bad financial decisions that will affect their career. They are amorous by nature, and lack determination as well as being secretly very stubborn.

They can be often against sharing their feelings and minds with others and like to try and escape from reality in some circumstances.

Because they are intellectual, with learnt knowledge and academic achievements, Rabbits can generally enjoy a successful career with solid finances, providing they NEVER give up mid-way through trying to achieve something. People belonging to the Rabbit zodiac might enter careers in areas such as education, medicine, politics, cultivation, health care and police work.

Rabbits are social creatures, their considerateness and gentleness makes them popular with others. With lots of love for everybody, rabbits will turn enemies into friends, willingly help others and use their sense of humor to lighten moods.

For their love life, Rabbits are compatible with the Goat, the Dog, and the Pig, and incompatible with The Rat, Dragon, Horse and Rooster.