Personality & Temper of the Zodiac Libra

Libra – The Scales – is known as the “Balancer”; they’ve two sides, two personalities, and two natures, which they balance so well. And, this same trait makes them the symbol of fairness and justice. People trust their words, and indeed prefer them in baffling situations; they comprehend that they’re free from all the conflicts and arguments, and cooperate in a trustworthy game. For that reason, if you’ve a team, make Libra the leader; they’ll select the cream, work hard, and astonish you with the results… Since, their nature supports those who have real talents, and who know how to become a “Match-Winner” in each competition.

Venus, the ruling star, hand these people million-dollar grace, beauty, and charm, that’s why, often Libras are the diamond of every high-tea gathering. People love to breathe in their presence, and try to impress them, over and over, which often lead them into a dominant position, and make others envious. On the other side, when it comes to love and relationships, just like Cancerians, they also supremely love. One cannot raise questions about their feelings, and the efforts, which they make in the relationship. In fact, in the matters of love, they’re always the modern-trend – they’re creative, and red-hot!!!

However, there is some heavy burden too. There are some negative traits of Libras that invite troubles and push them into disillusionment. For instance, “Narcissism” could be the make-up of Librans. On some level, their appearance, beauty, and praise, begins with themselves… Usually, they value them first, and then do justice with others… Other than that, they’re quite flirtatious as well; if they’re single, and if they’re your lover, life is heaven. However, in case you don’t give them attention, their flirting nature can come back, and give you headaches… The best thing you can do is to shower them with love 24/7.

According to the professional astrologers, the best profession for Libra could be politics, as they’re born to handle the highs and lows, and perceive who is throwing dust in their eyes. No one can play with them with the bag of deceptive tricks… Their “Balanced” nature, or two scales of the personality, facilitates them in earning the award-winning glory.