Personality & Temper of the Zodiac Cancer

The silent storm of water – Cancer – is utterly tough to comprehend; it can either shock you instantly, or attack you in small bites. Everything about this sign is unpredictable. If on one hand, they can flood you with love and romance, on the other hand, they’ve the full capability to knock out their enemy with an iron fist. Therefore, if you’re dealing with a Cancer, also known as the Crab, deal with utter caution and care.

The Babylonians called them the ‘Crayfish’, as they’re so challenging to understand; you can’t rely on the standard patterns, over and over, in order to lure them, or turn them in your favor. Unlike others, it’s in their nature to canvass each situation narrowly, and make decisions right according to their own judgment. For that reason, they could emerge as greatest leaders. However, expecting them to follow someone blindly would be an utter mistake. They could follow you for some time, but in the end, they’ll choose their own path independently, and won’t stay in the lines of the followers.

Therefore, if I say, they’re always the persons of power – tomorrow, it will be right.

Luckily, there are still a few things that can facilitate their companions, friends, and lovers in controlling them to a certain degree – The Emotions. Their ruling planet, the Moon, runs the emotions so strongly in them and transforms them into a wonderfully sensitive person.

Other than that, the best thing regarding Cancers is that, like water, they’re quite adaptable. Though, bear in mind that they adapt things according to their own terms; you can’t force them, or push them to follow the path, you know, in order to change into something. In case you do that, you’ll offend them… Just wait and watch; they aren’t blind. Trust their mind, and they’ll astonish you by becoming the mightiest man in no time.