Personality & Temper of the Zodiac Taurus

Step back for a minute! It’s Taurus…. And, it’s a curious thing. If you’ve been planning to canvass this zodiac sign, then allow me to say, you’re still clueless. The Taurus people, also known as ‘The Bull’, are famous because of their mysterious and charging personality. If on one hand, they’re mysterious, then on the other hand, they’re dominant as well, in almost every field of their life, just like a strong, wild bull.

And, that’s what makes them amazing.

The planet Mars, and the element – Earth, inject amazing and exclusive qualities in the persona of Taurus, that’s why, they’re also known as “The Steer of Heaven”. If you think you can challenge the Bull (Taurus), when he’s standing firm on his own land (Earth), you’ve a poor soul. Their persistence, strength, and fierce nature would make you surrender. For that reason, it’s better to avoid conflicts with these people; you’d like to keep them as a friend.

Other than that, the Taurus people are rather independent as well – emotionally, psychologically, and financially. If you’re with them, and if they’re dependent on you now, even as a child, you can expect them to stand on their own feet, sooner than your expectations. Besides, these people like to move forward in their lives, especially in the relationship. In case they feel that they’ve lost their worth in your life, they would rather choose another path, than staying with you forever. But, bear in mind that it’s not their innate behavior; it’s a response. And, in reality, it depends on the treatment of the other person.

Just like the positive traits, Taurus has some negative traits as well, which sometimes bring down their personality, or push people away from them, such as, stubbornness and materialistic nature. Especially, the materialistic nature often invites so much trouble for them; they always want to keep a certain image in the society. Therefore, they value money too, and invest heavily in their future. And, that’s what, sometimes, irritate others.