This Is What Upsets Every Zodiac Sign

How do we react to the different upheavals of life? Why do each of us have our own way of dealing with such universal feelings as anger, disappointment or betrayal? What explains different reactions to similar fates? And if the stars influenced our perception of things and our attitude to adversity?
Discover in the article what upsets each of the signs of the zodiac and how it manages to cope with it.

This is what upsets every zodiac sign

Aries place their threshold of requirements very high, whether it concerns their person or the others. They are naturally more exposed to disappointment in their daily lives and find themselves heartbroken in the face of expectations greater than reality.
They have difficulty accepting defeat and suffer from prolonged dissatisfaction. Their escape is the action and active participation in projects that are important to them to see the fruits harvested.
If Taurus hates one thing, it’s change! This astrological sign takes pleasure in establishing a suitable routine and would not like to see it jostled for anything in the world. They therefore tend to close very quickly to the prospect of change and to face any attempt at external communication. It is best to start this step gently with Taurus to give them time to assimilate the different new aspects that come their way.
Gemini are freedom and independence-loving beings, so their worst nightmare would be to be confronted with people who try to control them by any means. They need to affirm their personality and be fully recognized in their entity to flourish. As soon as they feel the grip of domination close around their neck, they extricate themselves without delay from the relationship and do not think twice before cutting short.
Cancer gives much of itself to the people it loves but most of all hate to feel used. If they suspect that you are using them only to achieve your ends, your relationship will be threatened immediately. When they do, they need a lot of care and affection to make them forget their disappointment and their sadness.
Leo are constantly looking for attention and the best way to irritate them is to completely ignore them. As long as someone else steals the show, he will automatically be the object of their wrath. They will immediately try to bring the general attention to their person in order to captivate the eyes again. The support and compliments of others are essential to their fulfillment.
The Virgo are of an emotionally exacerbated that they have difficulty in externalizing. When it is put to the test, they feel the need to be locked in themselves in order to see more clearly in their internal upheavals. They usually need time to regain their composure and gradually resume the course of their lives. Only isolation to heal their wounds and reflection to remedy them give them the strength to continue.
Libra suffer greatly from their own indecision in everyday life which causes them much disappointment. As they are proud in nature, they will always pretend that everything is fine when deep down, they wade in troubled waters and that the morale is at the lowest. They often need the help of their friends to get out of these depressive states.
Nobody likes betrayal, but Scorpio in particular has a lot of trouble digesting low hits. This plunges them into despairing states of despair, especially since it took them a long time to trust them. They never forget those who betrayed them!
Adventure enthusiasts, Sagittarius have a hard time getting used to the routine! Indeed, it can plunge them into an unhealthy boredom that leads them to a certain depression when they are required to stick to the same habits. They need excitement, discovery and new experiences to recharge their batteries.
Capricorns have only one word and find themselves in this case very distressed when it is questioned. Their pride and ego are hurt and they have trouble understanding situations where trust is non-reciprocal. With a little encouragement and faith in their promises, they gradually regain their smile!
The Aquarius prefer above all their independence and freedom of movement. Restricting them and expecting them to stick to them is the surest way to see them disappear without further ado! They have no patience for those who want to put chains on them while they wish to fly on their own.
Pisces are calm and conciliatory in nature and hate conflict. What exasperates them the most is human cruelty, which insupports them to the highest degree. They prefer to focus on the positive and struggle daily to counter the many injustices.