Personality & Temper of the Zodiac Capricorn

The tenth sign of the zodiac calendar – Capricorn – is a king without a crown, when we converse regarding ambitions and determination. Life is a one big project for these people; their ruling star, Saturn, pushes them to run the entire show of their life, rather depending on others, or the circumstances. If the opportunity doesn’t knock on their doors, they start building more doors, as they want to achieve what they want – come what may

Because of this go-getter attribute, the Babylonians called them “The Goat-Fish”, since it signifies stability, balance, and wisdom, as they believed that the Capricorns don’t take impetuous decisions. However, once they assess everything, or finalize everything, they act aggressively to achieve it, as soon as possible. For that reason, they’re usually the ones who are stable in their lives, and winning on their positions. In addition, they’re also rather unemotional regarding some decision; they don’t let the emotions unravel their progress.

According to the western professionals, the Capricorn sign is the rock that everyone loves to lean on. If you’d canvass them from the outside, you’d see a strong-willed, self-assured, and comfortable person. Though, he/she could look a tad stodgy, but he/she has all the skills to astonish you with his/her sharp and quick wit. It’s fun to have them among friends.

On the contrary, the inner nature of this sign is utterly different; they’re highly dependable. They want to keep someone special, or those friends, who can protect them in all the facets of life. This apprehensive, and private nature, actually, impel them to achieve big in life.

Just like the worldly success, this goat-horned (the sea goat) is quite rich in the emotional matters too; if you’ve earned their love, consider yourself the luckiest person of this planet, as they can do everything in their power to keep you happy, if you’re their prime darling; they won’t only stay loyal, but also build a home of happiness. Besides, in the matters of love, they’re scrupulous too; you can trust them if they’re deciding the direction of the wind.