Personality & Temper of the Zodiac Aquarius

“Who is the rebel?” Well, it’s the Aquarius. If you’re residing with an Aquarius, expect to hear some liberal views, or expect to have someone who can argue with you, or have some interesting conversation. This sign doesn’t obey; it just follows what it believes. That’s why, the Babylonians called them “The Great Ones”, as they’re the free thinkers, and no one can push their soul for slavery, or influence them to believe what others believe, as a group.

The ruling planet – Uranus – also transforms them into those who fight against the conventional rules to achieve something new. In view of that, often, the Aquarians are the ones who raise questions on the family traditions, and attempt to introduce something novel, according to their philosophy. And, this latent habit usually goes against them. However, bear in mind, this water-bearer is rather modern and creative as well. If their frankness can cut them, their creativity and modernism can keep them connected too.

In the issues of love and relationship, they perceive how to keep the charm alive and engage others through communication. Since, they’re the born-communicators; you can resolve any matter with them, through some healthy discussions; they won’t only listen to you, but also comprehend, if they aren’t correct; their emotions prevail over liberal views.

Besides, don’t expect them to wear their heart on their sleeves. The Aquarians aren’t great in exhibiting their emotions to the person they love. Are they shy? Not really. Just because of their rebellion sense, it’s not effortless for them to hand someone a dominant position.

If you’ve an Aquarian friend/employee, don’t ignore his views, as his views can be the knock on the heaven’s door and resolve your issues in seconds. If you’ve an Aquarian lover, don’t judge his/her words, look for the actions. Since, his/her actions speak a lot louder than the words, and can’t hide his/her feelings… If you’ve an Aquarian child, allow him to relish his own way. Encourage him/her, rather than fitting him/her in your own prescribed image.