These 3 Signs Of The Zodiac May Be Abandoned

The stories of love make it possible to forget, for a moment, that everything around us is ephemeral. Indeed, the beginning of a romantic relationship is often lived with ardor and passion. Thus, we tend to believe that having found our soul mate will allow us to access the happiness we have been looking for for a long time. But the more the days pass, the more reality catches up with us and we realize that it is no longer possible to revive the flame of our love.
Some people are brought to live chaotic love stories. Each attempt to maintain a relationship leads to a new disappointment. Thus, these people face emotional upheavals and relationship problems.
Thanks to the sharp analysis of the astrologers, they have established the love predictions of the signs of the zodiac. It seems that these 3 signs are more likely to be abandoned by their half:
Cancer is idealistic and dreams of living a relationship worthy of a love movie. They are looking for their half, a person to whom they can confide and who will support them in all circumstances. In addition, the natives of this sign are very candid and therefore tend to think that people are basically good and generous. But Cancer is very emotional and has a hard time coping with the malice of some people. Also, they seem dependent on their loving partner and fail to imagine their lives without him. When they argue, the natives of this sign make incredible outbursts of anger and make requests sometimes inconsiderate. In reality, they are convinced that their partner belongs to them and that they must respond positively to all their wishes. Unfortunately, their half often gets tired of this capricious and immature behavior and abandons them without pity to their sad fate.
Sagittarians are sincere and very invested in what they do. Their natural passion allows them to overcome all their projects and to constantly evolve. Thus, the natives of this sign are not afraid to take risks and get out of their comfort zone to try new experiences. Very optimistic, the natives of this sign seek a rebellious and courageous partner. In addition, they are looking for someone who is loyal and sure of their feelings.
But these people unfortunately do not know how to take the tweezers and are open-minded sometimes confusing. They can hurt their partner unintentionally and refuse to apologize. And since patience has limits, Sagittarians end up paying the price of their impulsiveness. They are often betrayed and abandoned by their soul mates when they least expect it.
Libra are sociable and pragmatic. They know what they aspire to and strive for the success of all their goals. In addition, they know how to build stable relationships with their loved ones. Libra seeks harmony on a personal and professional level. They hate the unexpected and risky situations. In reality, the natives of this sign are very afraid of the future and try to ensure comfort at all levels. Thus, they like to have a permanent control over what surrounds them.
Unfortunately, in love, we can not always put pressure on our partner. Therefore, the relentless rigidity and possessiveness of the Libra eventually drives away their half. The natives of this sign have difficulty in questioning themselves and realize that it is their character that is lacking, not that of others.