The 5 Signs Of The Zodiac That Should Not Be Trusted

Big or small lies, we all have to hide a truth. For fear of hurting a loved one, to achieve our ends or simply impulse, the reasons why people lie are as numerous as their fabulations. Lying is ultimately a form of communication that involves two parties: the deceiver and the deceived person. The first intends to communicate false information, and the second participant to the sham to a certain level and to a lesser extent, without even realizing it. Nevertheless, there are 5 signs of the zodiac that tend to lie more than others. Discover which ones in our astro point.
We naturally tend to trust our fellow men. So we are credulous because in a way we want to believe that others are totally honest with us. But the truth is that we most often tell lies to the people we care most about. Also, although we have been conditioned since our childhood to never lie, we finally grow up in a kind of schizophrenia environment, having to face a society that ultimately encourages and rewards deception.

Lies and dishonesty
To say that you have never lied is certainly the biggest of your lies. It was just little lies would you tell us? Well know that this is exactly what the biggest crooks were thinking. Bernard Madoff was moreover persuaded that his Ponzi scheme would have no consequences, on the sole condition that no one will discover the pot with roses.
In reality, as soon as you start to lie, then settles a snowball effect that increases the extent of your dishonesty over time. When this happens, your brain begins to adapt its emotional response to your immoral behavior, relativizing the perniciousness of your actions. This makes it easier to lie again and again without you realizing the extent of your deceit.
Fortunately, not everyone is showing so much bad faith. According to astrologers, there are five signs of the zodiac with the reputation of lying without any scruple. So be careful never to take their word for cash.

The biggest liars of the zodiac

1- Capricorn
Ambitious and hard-working, the natives of Capricorn do everything in their power to achieve their goals. As a result, they do not hesitate to modify the truth according to what suits them. Mindful of how the world sees them, they will use every possible stratagem to improve their image, no matter if they have to undermine their integrity.
2- Aries
Impulsive, Aries react without thinking about the consequences of their actions. So, to protect themselves and others from harm, they do not hesitate to justify their behavior with lies. The natives of this sign are often found in delicate situations and have no choice but to distort reality.
3- Pisces 
Behind their angelic airs, Pisces have only one desire: to be appreciated by others. The natives of this sign are sorely lacking in self-confidence. So, to try to regain their image, they feel the need to lie about what they are to stir up the interest of the people they meet.
4- Virgo
Susceptible and self-critical, the natives of the Virgin are perfectionists and think that they have no right to the error. Out of the question for them to admit their wrong, even if their morale must suffer. These people do not hesitate to lie to flatter their ego and keep their reputation for excellence.
5- Leo
The egocentrics of the zodiac use and abuse lies. Narcissistic, they graze mythomania for the simple purpose of attracting attention. Nombrilists, they do not hurt others. For them, lying is one of the most effective ways to live their moments of glory.