The 3 Signs Of The Zodiac That Have The Least Confidence In Them

Lack of self-confidence An overwhelming evil that rages in all societies, to the point that therapeutic bestsellers are linked to try to remedy it. From personal development to introspective analysis, all weapons are deployed to counter it. Yet, if this evil gnaws so much, it’s mostly because it’s sneaky. Mentally draining and exhausting on a daily basis, he gave life to a real social trickery: the art of camouflage.
In the face of a society where individuality and self-assurance reign supreme, some wear their best costumes to assume the role they think they have been assigned. In a commedia dell’arte with dramatic accents, they are writers, producers and actors of a work intended to conceal their malaise. Thus, as for any self-respecting comedy, they wear their most beautiful mask to display a triumphant smile, a factitious emotion to give more face to a public that intimidates them.
Unaware of their own value, they underestimate themselves on a daily basis and have the greatest difficulty in having faith in their skills. Doubt, anguish, stress, low self-esteem … their imaginary diseases are numerous and constantly overwhelm them. Although determined to blend into the mass, their character traits sometimes succeed in betraying them. By looking at their personalities, astrologers think they would be three in number. Three signs of the zodiac that are terribly lacking in self-confidence even if it does not show.
Very sensitive, the Cancer hide somehow their lack of self-confidence. In the presence of strangers or even their relatives, they tend to take everything to heart and therefore, to get upset at the slightest reproach. This causes a long period of introspection for these natives, unfortunately, it is not necessarily productive because instead of evaluating what has caused them harm, they prefer to dwell on the altercation or the exchange in their head. A feeling of guilt generally stems from this soliloquy, which questions their abilities, skills and intrinsic values. They would be better at asserting themselves and giving more value to their opinions, even if they contradict those of their interlocutors. Indeed, Cancer are thoughtful people who usually make good decisions.
The Virgo are so uncompromising towards themselves that they are convinced that everyone is waiting for them at the turn, on the lookout for the slightest mistake or the slightest mistake. This state of constant worry plunges them into a vicious circle where none of their actions seem to them “effective” or “intelligent” enough. To avoid the reproach of others if they fail, they prefer to beg for their agreement to ensure success and their approval. Trapped by their excessive expectations, they have the greatest difficulty in trusting their skills and are anxious about the slightest imperfection. It would be high time for them to let go and realize that their concern for perfection, although honorable, can quickly turn into default if it deviates to a pathological perfectionism.
Introverted and solitary, the Pisces need their space to evolve serenely. Conscious of the fact that they can be influenced, they prefer to limit their social interactions to preserve their free will. Nevertheless, this ostracism chosen only diminishes their self-esteem. Indeed, by avoiding to open to others, they reinforce themselves in the idea that their ideas are not good enough to be shared and that it is therefore preferable that they isolate themselves.
Yet the natives of Pisces would benefit from knowing that their creativity is legendary and that it must imperatively be exploited. Their sensitivity is their highest quality and must, therefore, be used wisely and especially to their advantage.