Signs Of The Zodiac Classified From More Or Less Emotionally Intelligent

Two American psychologists are behind the formalization of emotional intelligence. Peter Salovey and John Mayer proposed in 1990 this concept which demonstrated for the first time that there was an even greater form of intelligence than that relating to logical-mathematical or verbal intelligence. It is the ability to detect and understand your own emotions while composing with those of others. To this end, astrology, while remaining subjective, highlights the signs of the zodiac most likely to use this intelligence in their daily lives.
The concept of this form of intelligence that is similar to social intelligence, may seem surprising because it includes two completely opposite concepts: the intelligence that represents the reasoning and the analysis then the emotion that refers to the reactions of the human being, difficult to master. Yet, according to psychology specialists, some people are able to perceive and feel their emotions and those of others, to regulate them and to use them wisely for their personal fulfillment and that of those around them.
In this context, certain signs of the zodiac are more endowed than others. Here is their ranking.
1. Pisces
At the top of the list, we find the natives of Pisces characterized as the most emotional zodiac. These signs of Water combine intelligence and intuition to interact with their environment. Attention, understanding and compassion are the main characters that govern their empathic personality, making them caring for those they love, providing all the psychological support they need.
2. Cancer
Emotional intelligence is also attributed to the natives of Cancer who remain best able to understand others to better help them. Their sensitivity allows them to feel the pain of others as if it were theirs. Each of their thought is analyzed and examined in order to compose it with their entourage for more harmony in their relations.
3. Libra
Like Pisces and Cancer, Libra are just as endowed with great emotional intelligence. But they can only highlight it when they feel capable of making a decision. This does not happen often because these natives are often undecided and it takes a lot of time for them to think about resolving.
4. Gemini
Excessive emotions, Gemini can not control their emotions, especially under the effect of annoyance. Their reaction is often excessive and it is difficult for them to hide their anger, it must be said that their dualistic nature is often for something. However, their emotional intelligence will be more visible and felt when they deploy their language skills and know how to read others as an open book.
5. Taurus
Taurus natives, although not very demonstrative, tend to be empathic and want to help others and solve their problems. They can feel the emotions of those around them, give advice but always according to their point of view without really being able to put themselves in the shoes of others. They remain, however, among the signs of the zodiac most likely to have good social relations.
6. Leo
Of a narcissistic nature, the Leo is selfish and thinks of them more than his fellow men. They are, however, able to show emotional intelligence but only when it is about a person who is close to their heart.
7. Scorpio
As a sign of Water, Scorpio must be among the most emotionally intelligent. However, his first fault, revenge, prevents him from developing this intelligence. His habit of constantly rehashing the past and his fear of revealing his vulnerability put a brake on the development of this innate intelligence.
8. Virgo
The natives of Virgo are better known for being more analytical than emotional. They often rely on tangible evidence only on the emotions to solve their problems. And when they fail, they hurt themselves and suffer unquestionably.
9. Capricorn
Pragmatic and Cartesian, Capricorn are not among those who can be addressed to confide. Not that they lack emotional intelligence, but they are more focused on thinking and analyzing and can quickly lose their composure if they are not listened to.
10. Sagittarius
Adventurous and lonely nature, the Sagittarius natives are not always able to be emotionally intelligent. Because of their willingness to try the adventures and journeys that keep them constantly moving, they can not develop compassion and empathy for others. They live the moment without worrying about the rest, including those around them.
11. Aries
It must be said that Aries is devoid of any emotional intelligence. And for good reason, his egocentrism and his need to grab the first place in all areas, without worrying about others, even going so far as to cause them harm.
12. Aquarius
Judged as intelligent and idealistic, the natives of Aquarius leave little room for emotions. For them, everything should be expressed in a rational and analytical way. Thus, these people refuse to give way to feelings that may taint their thinking or to expose their vulnerability. As a result we can say that Aquarians have no emotional intelligence.