Personality & Temper of the Zodiac Pisces

Pisces, the Fish, lives in two realms – conscious and unconscious. The fishes swimming in the opposite direction, in reality, symbolize their dual personality. The first personality resides in the reality, whereas the second personality lives in various dreams and thoughts. Therefore, it would be utterly accurate to say that it’s the most mysterious sign of the zodiac calendar. If on one side they’re smooth and graceful, then on the other side they’re rather dangerous in their thoughts; if you’d tease them, they’d attack you in small bites and nibble you to death… The experts love to call them “The Lions in the Lambs’ Clothing”.

The ruling planet of the Pisces, Neptune, keeps them in oversensitive state; it lets them to have an amazing power of absorbing other people’s emotions. However, the great thing is, they don’t only feel your emotional rather quickly, but also support you in all highs and lows of life; they’ll involve themselves in your troubles and carry the burden of them until it’s not solved. It’s in their innate nature to act as a person of power in difficult times, for others.

But, they can’t stand any off-putting treatment. Any slightest remark or even a joke can push them into disillusionment, or drown them in their own tears. It happens because Pisces looks at life through a rosy window; they’re the greatest dreamer. It’s deplorable for them if someone attempts to shatter their own ideal image, or smash their dreams.

It doesn’t mean that this sign is just emotional, or a dreamer. When we asses its pros, we apprehend that it’s one of the most independent signs in the zodiac calendar as well. Perhaps, for that reason, the Babylonians called them the-tail-of-the-swallow, as you can’t accurately judge them; they could surprise you anytime, through their ingenuity and shine.

Apart from this, the strong musical taste and the latent talents always make the people of Pisces the great dinner companions. Once you start conversing with them, you just lose yourself in their words, and fall in love with them. Since, through their communication skills, in a way, they recite poetry, and appear like a perfect knight. And, who can ignore that?