The people born on 28th February come under Aquarius sunshine. The planets namely the sun and Uranus will cast their impact upon you. You would be happy since you will get freedom to execute your set plans to be attained. The early phase of your life would be full of happiness and you will be full of energy during this period. But your life will take a sudden ‘U-turn’ and the execution of preset aims cannot be executed. You will come out of your house quite early for searching your own way.

You will be versatility in characteristics. You will try many alternatives to steal the success since you would be ambitious, determined and have strong willpower.

Your magnificent qualities will sparkle jealous in the heart of others. Those jealous people will plot conspiracy against you and betray you. The field of profession you would choose will arise so many problems. Due to those problems, you have to change your profession during early phase of life.

You will not be lucky in the matters of the persons who would be close to you. You have to keep your mind alert and careful while making any deal with your partners or colleagues. Independent working would be good for you since working with someone else can put on hefty loss on your shoulders. They can cheat with you.

You ought to set your ambition high and should establish friendly relationship with the people appointed on high profiles.

Economic Condition: You come in initial aspect of the ascendance ‘Pisces’ which is outside Aquarius ascendance and third house of Saturn (negative). This way you will face negativity on very few occasions. Whatever you biz or work-area would be, you can anticipate success in any of those.

Health: You will be blessed with extra-ordinary mind that remains active every time. But you will have strong body.  Your digestive system will not function properly. You ought to consume food in various small portions many a times. You will be in need of rest desperately and thus, you have to sleep more than that of any other average person. You would have thin body and thereby, this will be in your favour as light and fit body will help you to overcome any disease.

The numbers representing Uranus and the Sun, i.e. 1-4 and 3, are auspicious for you.

You will face less negative impact of the planet Jupiter (negative). The work which has any link with Jupiter, you will expect more success in that. You will feel freer than before to complete that work. The most important numbers for you will be 1-4 and 10, 13, 19, 22, 28 and 31.

The significant dates for you are listed ahead:3, 12, 21 and 30.

The most favourable colours for you will be Chicory, violet and their various shades or their compound shades as well.

You have to wear Amethyst gem as it will assure good luck for you.

You will feel attraction for the people born on 1, 4 or 3 of nay month.

The most significant years would be: 10, 13, 19, 22, 28, 37, 40, 46, 49, 55, 64, 67 and 73.