The persons born on 26th February are in the cusp of Pisces zodiac. The lord of this zodiac is Jupiter. Thus, you will be under the influence of Saturn (negative) and Jupiter.

You would have your own unique individuality. Your life will also remain difference from your friends’ and near ones. You would a serious thinker. You have philosophical nature; however, you would be engaged to any other profession.

So many opportunities and circumstances will come to your life without being asked for them. Destiny will assign you the responsible jobs; nevertheless, you haven’t tried for win that opportunity.

Your lord of ascendance ‘Jupiter’ will make you successful in the context of money.

If you were born to a rich parents then, your life would be enriched with luxury and comfort. Otherwise, you will have to face problems during the initial years of your life. You will achieve success very late in life.

You familial life and cordial relationship will be badly affected by problems and tough phases. Thus, you have to undergo various complexities. You may live separately from your beloved or love ones. Diseases and grief of death will also worsen your condition. You will experience some peculiar episodes in married life and if you will have a child then only worries and sadness will hit your more severely.

You will achieve satisfaction and peace of mind through materialistic gains. You will earn money via hardwork and become a rich man. You will be appointed on high profile but you have to pay a hefty price in return of it.

Economic condition: You will have huge money in your fate but only if you set it as your ultimate aim of life.
Though you appear healthy but you will not be indeed. No sign of disease would be traced earlier. Heart attack and blood clotting in veins or muscles of brain can be the reason of your death.

Numbers will leave their marks on you tremendously since your planets are in their own houses.

You will the maker or craftsman of your own destiny which means that whatever you will do, will make your future.

People will remember your name till long duration due to your extra-ordinary works.

Married life will not bring you any kind of satisfaction. But wherever you would be, your extra-ordinary personality or individuality will help you to win name and fame.

You would receive money only via work that you will switch to. But possibility says that your money will go out of your hands.  Either circumstances or people will take it away from you. But you have to keep it safe for old age.

You ought to stay away from gambling or the trade since they are risky jobs. The reason for it is that the circumstances, which will be out of your hand, will conspire to snatch away all the money you have unpredictably.

The most significant numbers in your life are laid ahead: 4, 8, 13, 17, 22, 26 and 31.

The most beneficial colours for you would be: All dark colours except Sapphire and red colour.

The most vital years in your life are: 4, 8, 13, 17, 22, 26, 31, 40, 44, 53, 58, 62, 67, 76 and 80.

You will be bewitched to the persons born on 4th and 8th of any month but they will inject only pain and troubles to your life.