Numerology Predictions for 31st March Born

The individuals born on 31st March belong to sunshine ‘Pisces’, the house of Jupiter (negative), i.e. the third house. The most beneficial planets for you are Uranus, Jupiter and the sun.

The impact of planet ‘Uranus’ during this phase of the year will induce unconventionality and eccentric nature as well.

You have to confront a number of problems during the initial years of your life. The problems may be created by relatives and in-laws in domestic life.

People will borrow money from you but will not give you anything when you will be in need indeed. You have to execute your plans by yourself.

Originality and unconventionality will be depicted via your ideas or thoughts. Any restriction will not bind you in whatever you do, but it will be criticised. You will have special fondness for mythology. You will witness some peculiar episodes but you will restrict this character to yourself only. You ought to bring in limelight this mysterious spiritualistic feature via literature and art or by purchasing antique pieces to reveal before all.

You will anticipate the coming events, people and things. You will weave the dreams to achieve high aspirations.

You will be very attentive and alert while dealing in funds. You have to stay away from bad habit of betting or gambling.

Your all friends will be outstanding and distinguished. You will be choosy while liking people. Your desire will be to live the life in loneliness as long as possible.

Your interest will attract you to unusual episodes, miracles, theological subjects and research. But possibility points that you will hire other people to do these jobs for you instead of performing these activities by yourself. Your emotional and suspicious nature will not allow you to reveal those episodes.

Economic condition: In financial matters, your alertness and distrust over others will help you a lot and will be beneficial also. Possibility says that you may be awarded with the legacy instead of getting it earned. You will try to keep it safe instead of expanding it.

It will be a plus point for you to hone the skill of art, literature, music and invention or research.

Health: You will become doctor of your own. You will have peculiar habits relating to food and lifestyle due to which you will be assumed as an insane. You may be the cause of difference and conflict in your family because you will attempt to impose your ideas on others.

Possibly, you will be sick since you will have a scare that diseases are victimizing you due to aging. Even criticism will cast it affect on you a lot.

The important numbers for you are 4 and 1 and the multiples of 3. You ought to choose 4, 8, 13, 17 22, 26 and 31 for the doing your tasks.

The most significant colours appeasing to your friendly planets are:

Uranus: All shades of Blue and grey

The sun: Golden, yellow, copper and golden brown

Jupiter: chicory and violet

The most vital years in your life are: 1, 4, 10, 13, 19, 22, 28, 31, 40, 46, 49, 55, 58, 64, 67 and 73.

The persons taken birth on 1, 4, 10 13, 19, 22, 28 and 31 will attract you a lot.