The persons taken birth on 24th January are categorized under Capricorn zodiac. You are succumbed to the impression of Saturn and Venus.

Since being born on this date, Venus would be beneficial for you due to its auspicious impact.

Love and marriage would be the most vital aspects of your life and you will be gripped under the impression of aforementioned planets.

Individuals of opposite gender would leave their effective impression upon you. Thus, you would experience that your life has been turned as more eventful. You ought to enhance your own individuality for making it immune to combat the severity and strong competition from others. However, you will be blessed with handsome profit due to your magnetic personality.

You will be crowned with success in social works. These works will have uniqueness due to creativity and innovation in your instinct and habit; instead they would be proximal to the creativity abided in music, painting, literature and theatre.

You will not be subdued to your kins or surrender before domestic complexities during the initial phase of your life. Any mysterious disease bred in the internal organ of the body can be an outcome of it.

But eventually, you would be manifested as an ultimate winner and whatever biz you would choose, success will surely come to you.

Fortune would favour you always. The initial years of you life would have common problems but you could duel with them conveniently and win over them and the work you would choose to perform, fame and name will be credited to your account.

Economic condition: You would be habitual in spending money frequently.

Health: You can be optimistic to have relatively sound health than that of normal. Your life will be at risk while encountering with fire and motorcars. You ought to secure your life and property by signing insurance policies.

The most significant dates and numbers in your life will be 6 and the numbers pertaining to its series, such as 6, 15 and 24.

You ought to put on the dresses having colours appeasing to Venus, such as Blue. From lighter to darker shades of blue, all will be auspicious for you.

The most advantageous gemstones for you would be laid ahead: Firoza and other blue gems.

The most significant years in your life are laid ahead: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51 and 60.

The persons taken birth on 6, 15 or 24 of any month would woo you immensely. Although the persons pertaining to the series of 4 and 8 would surely come to your life but they would burden you with their problems.

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