The individuals born on 23rd January are termed as Capricorn. You are succumbed to the planets Mercury and Saturn.

Mercury would either desist or make the adversities less important in your life. You would be engrossed with the people or in studies. Since travelling fascinates you immensely, you will roam around the globe.

Blessed with many qualities, you can perform multitude of tasks. To utilize your caliber for accomplishing aspiration would be the herculean task for you in any biz. Since you would be switched to multi tasks then you would be destined to alter your biz many times.

Many hardships would raise dilemma in your mind regarding selection of profitable trade. Your efficiency would enable you to get adapted to any work-ambience. But you will not stay firmly to any particular work for long duration.

All of a sudden, destiny will grant you such golden opportunities those may be far from the reach your mind.

You are wise enough to reach to the root of every issue or matter. Your vision is illustrative and demonstrative also. But your tendency is to keep an eye-like-spy upon the persons with whom you encounter for the first time. Your sensitivity and gentleness will be enough to bewitch others.

Being very diplomatic, you would be a veteran to bring out secrets that can be utilized for practicable aims easily.

As you would be fond of literature, you would seek pleasure in novels. Sometimes, you will incline towards science, chemistry and new inventions. However, you would be a theoretical person who prefers to keep the fantasy away from your mind but simultaneously, you will be interested in occult science as well.

It would be prevalent saying about you as “Old mind on young shoulders”. Sometimes, you will be submerged in gloom and woe. You must be optimistic for getting rid of it.

Economic condition: You ought to be alert and attentive in financial matters and will spend money having considered deeply. You don’t dare to owe debt. Your ideas for investing capital would be an act requisite patience. But your over-cleverness would drag you to declining condition financially. Consequently, you would lose the golden chances those could be advantageous for you.

Health: You ought to take rest and thereby, relieve the stress of your tiff muscles. Your every sense of emotion would be intensive and many complexities would swirl in your mind. Sometimes, you would doom into deep despair exercising affect upon your digestive system. The rise of acid level in blood may increase inducing pain in joints, bones, especially in knees.

You would have a thin body. It would be a blessing for you since it can enable you to stay exempted from diseases.

The numbers important for you are 5 and those pertaining to its series, such as 5, 14 and 23 but usually, all numbers would be advantageous for you except 4 and 8. Those numbers are mentioned ahead: 4, 13, 22, 31, 8, 17 and 26.

Number 5 or those pertaining to its series would prove the most auspicious to you. So, you have to prefer those dates for performing your work assignments.

Light coloured cloths suit you a lot and therefore, you ought to wear them. The most beneficial gemstones for you would be diamond and glittering jewels.

The important years triggering alterations in your life are mentioned ahead: 5, 8, 14, 17, 23, 26, 32, 35, 41, 44, 50, 62, 68, 71 and 77.

You would be bewitched to the persons born on 5th of any month or the dates added to form the numbers pertaining to 5.  The persons taken birth on 8, 17 & 26 would magnetize you towards them.

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