The persons born on 22 January are influenced by the planetary bodies namely Uranus, the sun and Saturn. Your sunshine is Capricorn.

The planet Uranus will cast its great impact upon you.

You are a person imbued with morality, volunteer and self-reliant in your instinct and you have to fall in the circle of those who possess contra ideology and opinions than that of yours.

The path of your life would have prickly thorns in the face of familial complications or marital conflicts. Misconception would make you stand alone amid crowd. Being a rational and unconventional by approach, you have to write success-story of your own by yourself.

The route to ambition would be full of ups and downs. But you have to uphold immense patience for realizing them.

However, seriousness abides in your nature but you would disguise it behind your laugh at the time of complexities in your life. While carrying depth in your thoughts, the feeling of being a puppet in the hands of destiny would be bloomed in your mind indeed.

You would try to acquire dominance over others that would be exhibited via your every act. Now, it would be upto you for what option would you choose for accomplishing your foretold aim either by pen or by sword.

Your date of birth would bring good fortune for you in context of leading social life. But its impact can affect your outstanding works along with originality of thoughts and you can become proximal to an insane sometimes.

Economic condition: Something exceptional regarding financial condition can be anticipated to take toll in your life. However, funds will inflow through the subscription of destiny but dramatically, you would run out of money in life. Your fame or defame would last longer than that of your wealth. Contrary to your good name, your grave would be disrespected. If you would not save enough funds for future perspective then the worst can be gone through.

Health: Your health would undergo strange phases. You ought to get off accidents, as they would be the biggest threat to your life rather than any disease. While brushing with death in mishap, your lower limbs may get defected.

But you would be stuffed with vigour and superfluous power to live. Either violence or any mishap would conspire for your death or both may be the cause of your expiry.

The most significant number for you is 4 and the number pertaining to the series of other numerals representing Uranus. Number 1 and its series, signifying the sun, and number 8, symbolizing Saturn, are also vital.

Digit 1 and 4 are advantageous for you. You have to refrain yourself from the impression of number 8 as it may exercise its negative impact upon you. The number pertaining to the series 8 are 17 and 26.

You have to put heart and soul for accomplishing your tasks on 1st and 4th of any month or the digits of the date that add to give the foregone digits. Those dates are mentioned ahead: 1, 4, 10, 13, 19, 22, 28 and 31.

You ought to wear Yellow, Golden, light Golden Blue, Grey and all light colours as these colours appease your planets:

The sun: golden yellow and all shades of golden brown

Uranus: All shades of blue colour, Grey and light blue colour

The gemstones benefitting to you are mentioned ahead: Diamond, Topaz, Sapphire and black Pearl.

The year imbuing changes in your life are laid ahead: 10, 13, 19, 22, 28, 31, 37, 40, 46, 49, 55, 58, 64 and 67.

The series pertaining to 8, 17 and 26 are important but will not be beneficial for you.

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