The Meaning Of Your Name In Numerology

Name Numerology

Name numerology is part of the traditional numerology beliefs and systems and it is mystical in nature as well as being an accurate science.  Unlike birthday numerology, name numerology explores and establishes a relationship between a person’s name and the different vibrations of the numbers associated with that name and how these vibrations impact the individual’s life in strange and often almost eerie ways.

The origins of numerology are cloaked in mystery. The word itself comes from the Latin ‘numerus’ and the Greek ‘logos’ which when put together mean the study of number. Pythagoras, the Ancient Greek philosopher, is often credited with being the ‘father of numerology’ and his oft-quoted maxim is “The world is built upon the power of numbers.” During the Dark Ages the Church discredited numerology and passed massive edits causing large bodies of knowledge to be declared heresy and then destroyed. Fortunately it was impossible for the Church to destroy everything and over time many people have and continue to drop the out-dated fears it has imposed over many centuries.

Name numerology adds a new dimension to numerology and many parents today recognize that names given to their children are more than simply a way to address them or distinguish them from other people and that they as parents are making conscious decisions regarding the impact of the name they choose for each child. Numerologists teach that the first letter and vowel of a person’s name is very important because the first name is generally the way the person will be addressed. Parents recognize the importance of all these decisions and know that the child’s name can be a deciding factor of his or her personality as well as a significant influence in the child’s future development.

Some experts believe and teach that two expressions of self can be discovered using name numerology, the Soul Number and the Outer Personality Number. The Soul Number uses the vowels and reveals who the person really is, the true inner self, and the Outer Personality Number is calculated using the consonants of the person’s name and indicates what the person presents to others or the image he or she projects.

Your name numerology provides exact information of who you really are. It is a very specific vibration that reflects all your past experiences and that indicates your talents and strengths, but also your weaknesses and shortcomings.

Names are not given arbitrarily. Your parents intuitively choose the right name for you. In other words, you attract the name that describes or reflects exactly who you are.

You cannot change your destiny simply by changing your name, at the best you can add some additional energies that might help you to overcome certain obstacles easier.

Your destiny, your future, who you are and who you will become is a direct effect of your current and past actions. The name numerology information provided by your name can help you to better understand who you are – your talents, strengths, capabilities, weaknesses…

This information allows you to take appropriate actions (thoughts, emotions and deeds) in order to create the life or future of your choice. So, this is a very important point to understand: You can’t create the life of your dreams simply by changing your name.

Your name exactly reflects who you are at the date of your birth. It describes your past, but it doesn’t determine your future. Your future is open and by choosing a certain direction and taking the appropriate actions, you can achieve almost anything you want.

The information provided by your name numerology chart will help you to find your path, to overcome your challenges, to grasp opportunities, to develop the necessary strengths, to overcome your weaknesses… and to create the life you want.

There is no magic pill and no way to cheat the universe. There is only one way: You have to take responsibility for your life. Make use of your talents and gifts and create the life of your dreams!

Many important numerology numbers can be derived from your name.

The most important name numerology numbers are:

  • Your Expression Number
  • Your Soul Urge Number and
  • Your Personality Number

Other numerology numbers that are derived from your name are:

  • Karmic Lesson Numbers
  • Karmic Passion Numbers
  • Balance Number
  • Subconscious Self Number
  • Expression Planes – the physical, mental, motional and intuitive planes

Also, each letter in your name numerology has a specific meaning and indicates certain characteristics. The most important letters are the first letter of your first name – also called cornerstone, and the last letter of your first name – also called capstone.

Your cornerstone indicates your ability in starting new projects and it provides information on how you approach particular life situations – obstacles, opportunities and challenges. Your capstone indicates your ability and attitude towards finishing projects.