Meaning Of The Master Number 11

Numerology meaning of master number 11

The 11 is a highly charged version of the 2 and all characteristics that apply for number 2 also apply for number 11. The characteristics represented by number 2 usually are enhanced in the master number 11.

The following are some typical characteristics of the master number 11:

The 11 is also known as the psychics number, it’s the most intuitive of all numbers and it represents illumination and deep insight. The 11 is also very sensitive, charismatic and inspirational.

It acts as a channel for information between the higher and the lower. In order to find fulfillment and happiness, 11’s have to focus on a bigger goal beyond themselves.

11’s seem to develop slowly, but they simply need more time to mature and prepare themselves for the bigger goals and challenges they need to face. At times, 11’s might get intimidated by the vastness of their goals and they might even loose confidence in themselves.

One of the major challenges of 11’s is to develop confidence in their abilities and that’s also the key to unlock their enormous potential.

Here are some of the ideal career choices and vocations of 11’s:

Inventor, artist, teacher, healer, spiritual leader and mystic.

These are some of vulnerabilities and weaknesses of the number 11:

11’s can be overly fearful, timid and impractical. They often walk the edge between greatness and self-destruction and they might indulge too much in self-criticism.

As an 11 you often might feel alien, out of place, confused and you might lack direction. 11’s also tend to be dreamers. If you don’t focus on some higher goal, you might fall into depression.

As I already mentioned, all characteristics that apply for number 2’s also apply for the master number 11. For a list of the strengths, weaknesses and career choices that apply for number 2’s, please check out the following page: Characteristics of Numerology Number 2

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