Here Are The Signs Of The Native American Zodiac

Native American culture is very symbolic, and its approach in astrology is all the more profound because it is based on the animal spirit. This astral representation of the human personality has a very important spiritual meaning. Take a moment to discover your Native American zodiac sign and what it reveals about you.

The Native American zodiac focuses on a representation in totem animals. This people firmly believed that anything from nature could take a good or bad turn according to its environment. This explains why each of the animal totems of the Native American zodiac, have a kind of double nature.
Otter: January 20th-February 18th
You are an original person, hard to pin down who is moving in an unconventional way. Even if you are wrongly described as unusual, you have demonstrated that a different approach can solve problems more effectively. You are also smart, creative with an intuitive analysis of the world around you.
Wolf: February 19-March 20
You are full of affection and the emotions that animate you are intense. You express an imminent need for freedom and independence. Generosity is one of your main traits of character alongside empathy. Even if you really want to invest with your beloved, you can not sacrifice your freedom, and this creates a continuous tension between your impulses and your passions.
Hawk: March 21-April 19
You are a leader, and taking initiative is an innate act rooted in you. You may call yourself arrogant and vain, but when you realize the wisdom of your opinions, people quickly change their mind about you.
Beaver: April 20-May 20
The beaver embodies a powerful, cunning and lively spirit. Your attitude allows you efficiency in any situation. You are a hardworking person, with well-defined goals, and you stand ready to overcome any obstacles that may oppose you. You have a good flair for bargains, but you still have to reduce your aggressiveness in bargaining. We appreciate you for your loyalty and your kindness.
Deer: May 21-June 21
You are lively, bubbly and full of energy. You do not miss humor, which makes you quite popular with those around you. You master the art of conversation and communication. Your intelligence is not only cognitive, but also emotional and relational.
Woodpecker: June 21 – July 21
You have empathy, and your loved ones recognize your sympathetic and caring side. You have a listening ear and are tolerant and understanding. You are an inspiration to others. You have a romantic side, and seek the happiness of a gentle embrace of your beloved, but you must learn to control your jealousy.
Salmon: July 22 – August 21
You are dynamic, overflowing with energy and intuitive. You can not move forward until you have clearly outlined your goals, while searching for the deeper meaning of life. You may think that you are frivolous and unstable with your confusing enthusiasm, but you have your feet firmly anchored on earth. On the sentimental side, sensuality is your key word, and we can not resist you for that.
Bear: August 22 – September 21
Hard work is your first quality, in addition to being practical and methodical. You are wise, and you are often called upon to mediate in conflict situations. But you stay in the shadows subject to shyness and modesty, which does not best expose your multiple talents.
Raven: September 22 – October 22
You have a gift to charm people and attract them. You have the perfect mix between an idealistic and diplomatic vision of life, it gives you a certain balance. You are patient, calm and romantic. Your intuition guides you to the right actions to satisfy your partner.
Snake: October 23-November 22
You are the most spiritual of all signs, and you maintain a deep connection with the world around you. An air of mystery surrounds you, and makes you appear under a dark and scary side. Yet you are sensitive and caring, passionate about your relationships and your partner.
Owl: November 23- December 21
Bursting with energy and eager for new experiences, you live your life to the full. It’s hard to pin down, because your mood and your views can change at any time. You like to keep things in constant fluctuation, the adventure excites you and that is what makes you an ideal traveling companion.
Goose: December 22-January 19
You are ambitious, motivated and tenacious. You have the ability to achieve anything you desire. You are also a fierce competitor which can turn into an obsession. But you also have a lot of humor and passion. Your social circle is wide because you are extroverted by nature.