Personality & Temper of the Chinese Zodiac Horse

The horse is the 7th animal in the classic Chinese zodiac. In recent years the year of the horse has fallen on 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002 and 2014. In ancient China, they Horse symbolised Improvement. Their lucky numbers are 3, 4 and 9, and their lucky flowers are the giant taro and the Jasmin.

People born in the year of the horse have very animated characters and they are energetic and very active. Horse’s enjoy being in large crowds of people and will often go to large gatherings such as concerts and sporting events and parties. They also love being the centre of attention and enjoy speaking to audiences on any occasion.

The horse can sometimes be self-centred, but they are still interested in other people’s opinions and problems. Horses are known to be more cunning than intelligent, this is likely down to the horse having a lack of self-confidence.

Horse people usually live very healthy lives due to their positive outlook. They can be weakened by heavy responsibility in the work place or at home and they should avoid working long hours if possible. To keep feeling fresh, a horse would not accept every party invitation, and dedicate some time each day to relax.

Horses enjoy communication with others, so, a communicative type of career is what they will strive in. The horse symbolises management, leadership and decision making. They also do not enjoy taking orders. Some likely Suitable jobs for a horse are journalist, instructor, bartender and performer. Horses are extroverts and thus should avoid jobs that involve lots of alone time or solo work.

The disposition of a horse is very easy going, amiable and pleasant to be around and with their good humor they are a lot of fun to have as a companion. They are also very quick witted and talkative which makes them very popular with a lot of friends.

Regarding romantic relationships, horse people are most compatible with the tiger, the Goat, and the Dog. On the other side, horses are least compatible with the rabbit, the rat, the ox and other horses.