Birthday Numerology – The Meaning Of Your Birth Date In Numerology

Birthday Numerology

When so much in our lives seems to be unexplainable, having a system that is uncomplicated and assists in understanding more about ourselves and the paths that we take is a valuable tool to navigating the sometimes choppy waters of life. Birthday numerology has been used for millennia and is more recently having a rebirth during the twenty-first century; among the different types, birthday numerology has quickly gained popularity in the past decade.

Believed to be the creation of the early Greeks and Hebrews, the mathematical science of numerology was used to divine the future and provide understanding of people’s habits and traits in their daily lives. Birthday numerology takes the idea that there is a specific number associated with one’s birthday that can be derived from a simple formula.

By breaking down the month, day, and year into single digits, and then breaking this number down once more, anyone could determine a single digit between one and nine that is often referred to as a “psychic number“. For example, someone with a birthday of May 13th, 1942 would use this formula:



Common characteristics of those individuals with a seven representing their birthday numerology include: a dreamer, someone who spends much time within their own mind, imaginative, bringing concrete results through intense sessions of awareness. From this information someone can glean much about their own behaviors and use it to their own strength in the future.

To be steered straight down one’s life path, a person must understand and respect those traits have been inherent in them since birth; not following the recommendations of one’s psychic number will result in unhappiness and despair as a result of straying from one’s intended path. Even if there are negative traits ascribed to a specific number, a full understanding of these beforehand can allow the individual to assess his or her own life in a way that will bring contentment and fortune for the rest of their tomorrows. Birthday numerology may also be used to understand about birthdate numerology compatibility.

Perhaps it is the incertitude of these modern times that has led more people to study birthday numerology as a method of unravelling the increasing madness and confusion that has entangled them in a seemingly insurmountable web of melancholy; or it is the simple desire to learn one’s future beforehand to look forward to its rewards or even curtail difficult times.

Whatever your reason for studying birthday numerology is, you will be surprised and amazed by just how accurate your “reading” is and how you will find comfort in this information. You are neither the first nor last person to walk down the path of your specific psychic number, and you will no doubt feel the energy of those who have tread and continue to do so alongside you each day.

The two most important numbers that can be derived from your birthday are the Life Path Number and the Birthday Number.

The Life Path Number is the most important of all numerology numbers and it provides important information about the challenges and opportunities you will encounter during your lifetime.

Your Life Path Number describes the path you are travelling on. It doesn’t tell you so much about your talents, strengths or weaknesses, but rather indicates the general purpose of your life – your life’s destiny.

All the numbers in your numerology chart are linked to- and limited by your Life Path Number.

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To calculate your Life Path Number, reduce your birth-day, your birth-month and your birth-year into single-digit numbers (except for the master numbers 11 and 22, which are not reduced).

Then you add up these three numbers and reduce the result again to a single digit number – again, the master numbers 11 and 22 are not reduced.

For a detailed description on how to calculate the numbers of your numerology chart, take a look at the following section: Numerology Number Calculations

Your Birthday Number also belongs to the 5 core numbers in your numerology chart. This is the least significant of the 5 core numbers, however it provides you with a very specific talent to help you on your life path.

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Your Challenge Numbers are also calculated from your birth date. These numbers indicate the types of challenges you will have to face during your lifetime.

One of the purposes of your life is to overcome your weaknesses and to turn them into strengths. In order to help you with that, life will confront you with different obstacles and challenges.

Numerology can help you to better prepare yourself for these challenges and it saves you the trouble of having to face the same obstacles again and again.

There are four different challenges you will be facing during your lifetime. Each of these challenges (represented by their numerology number) provides you with different lessons that will allow you to face your weaknesses and to turn them into strengths.

These challenge numbers affect you at different periods during your life. It is possible that you have 4 different challenge numbers, but it could also be that some of your challenges carry the same number and confront you with the same types of lessons at different periods of your life.

The first challenge affects you from early childhood until mid life. To calculate it, turn your birth-day and your birth-month into single digits and subtract the smaller number from the bigger one.

The second challenge is most intensely felt during the middle part of your life. To calculate it, turn your birth-day and your birth-year into single digits and subtract the smaller number from the bigger one.

The third challenge is felt throughout your whole life. To calculate it, subtract the bigger of the two challenge numbers you calculated above from the smaller one.

The influence of the fourth challenge begins in late mid-life and lasts until the end of your life. To calculate it, turn your birth-month and your birth-year into single digits and subtract the smaller number from the bigger one.

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