6 Signs Of The Zodiac Who Live With Difficulty A Breakup

Breakup in love often occur with their lot of suffering. Despite the arguments, the cries and the crying, the pain felt during the separation sometimes seems unbearable. Indeed, when we get used to rubbing a person who abandons us overnight, the lack can leave room for intense emotional fragility. Thus, if some people get up after a heartbreak, others experience the breakup as a real tear.
“There are heartaches that time does not erase,” wrote Marc Lévy in his book “Vous revoir”. In reality, the feeling of love is so sincere and profound that it is often difficult to control. Thus, when one comes to separate from the loved one, the will is not enough to suppress our feelings.
The astral waves have highlighted some couples of the zodiac that can not cope with this pain by separating. Here are 3 who are likely to experience a very difficult break:
Leo and Scorpion
Scorpio is a passionate being who lives fully every love story. While he is suspicious, he does not do things in half when he enters into a relationship. Thus, his overflowing energy pushes him to fight body and soul to preserve the flame within his couple. Despite his fits of anger and his sometimes annoying confidence, the native of this sign can make concessions, but only out of love.
Egocentric, the Leo will tend not to be aware of all the efforts that his partner makes every day. In addition, disputes can accumulate within this couple, with one of the two partners always ready to jump to assert his authority. The Leo will then feel deeply hurt in his ego while the Scorpion will feel like he has been betrayed. This rupture is likely to cause significant psychological damage in the natives of these signs.
Aries and Taurus
Aries is dynamic and courageous. He is not afraid to take risks to continue his evolution process. Very ambitious, he often starts projects without evaluating the risks. Thus, when he decides to engage with a Taurus, he does not realize that their personalities may diverge. Indeed, Taurus is calm and seeks a certain stability in his relations. He does not seek to live new experiences or develop his knowledge. But it is only after several disputes that the two actors of the couple realize that they are different.
This observation can give rise to a sterile debate since love should not impose change. Thus, Aries will reproach Taurus with having wanted to take away his freedom and to have prevented him from accomplishing his objectives. For his part, Taurus will have the impression of facing the greatest misunderstanding on the part of his partner and embarking on an adventure compromising his emotional security.
Aquarius and Cancer
Aquarius is very intelligent and develops a remarkable curiosity throughout his life. He likes to exploit his abilities and to acquire new knowledge. In addition, he has an artistic soul and tends to idealize his world. Thus, he can devote a real fascination to natural landscapes and works of art.
However, he has a hard time putting himself in the shoes of others. By engaging with a native Cancer partner, he probably did not expect to experience tears in his face. When he realizes that he does not want to get his attention, Aquarius comes up against a reality that does not suit him: his partner has the greatest difficulty in managing his emotions. Indeed, Cancer is very sensitive and can easily be injured by a criticism or improper gesture. Unfortunately, their breakup can be extremely painful. While Aquarius will want to communicate in a mature way, Cancer will reproach her by crying.