5 Zodiac Signs That Have The Reputation Of Being Possessive Jealous

The jealousy in the couple when it is felt to excess, can in some cases destroy the relationship and nullify life projects. Moreover, the majority of couples’ therapies deal with this recurring aspect in households that can threaten the future of married life in general. A little jealousy is reassuring but a lot of jealousy pincers and tortures the one who suffers it. In some, it is deep rooted and astrology does not fail to unmask the 5 signs of the zodiac able to be partners tyrannous and jealous possessive.
When we feel jealousy, we feel many emotions including fear, anger, sadness and in some cases, self-pity. It makes us live an emotional misery that can plunge us into depression, which when it is not supported, can turn into a poison capable of annihilating and demolishing us slowly.
In her book “Mating in Captivity”, psychotherapist Esther Perel suggests that most often the focus is on the subject of love rather than our ability to love. The latter would allow us to ignore several disadvantageous aspects of the life of a couple and to focus on a satisfying and secure relationship.

Let’s discover then the most jealous signs of the zodiac

1- Cancer
Signs of water, Cancer is poetic and romantic. Above all, they seek a lasting relationship that will provide them with the emotional security they constantly need to be happy. Over-emotional, love is the essence of their survival. Because of this, they live in fear continues to lose it. De facto, they become possessive, jealous and abusive in their way of loving, trying to make their partner the object of their impulse and their reason for living, that nothing and nobody can take away from them.
2- Leo
The Leo are faithful in love despite their stormy character. Of course, they are always trying to attract attention and to be in the spotlight but they are nonetheless loyal to the beloved. But if by misfortune the latter fails to cover them with affection or special attention, they become inveterate jealous and scaffold a whole scenario in which they find themselves victims of infidelity.
3- Virgo
Governed by Venus, the planet of thought and reflection, the natives of the Virgin are perfectionists and critics, and demand of their partner a flawless presence, without which they can sink into paranoia. And for good reason, their need to analyze each aspect relative to their spouse to the point of feeding their imagination absurd and aberrant details of deceit and disloyalty of their companion, which are not based on any foundation.
4- Scorpion
Scorpio is known to be the sign of investigation and obsession. In love, his natives do not pray to highlight these traits and turn into Sherlock Holmes to clarify situations that seem ambiguous about their partner. Despite their robustness, Scorpions remain vulnerable, especially when they succumb to the love that plunges them into insecurity. This feeling makes them feel uncomfortable, creates a swamp of uncertainty and becomes emotionally vulnerable, generating an abusive jealousy that can turn into an obsession.
5- Pisces 
Pisces are always in love and love is a feeling that feeds their soul poet. In the majority of cases, they are empathetic and compassionate and feel the emotions of others. For this reason, when they no longer feel in tune with their partner or when their emotions are no longer connected, a sense of doubt overwhelms them, giving rise to an inordinate jealousy that can destroy their self-esteem and plunge them into a depression. These intense natives in their feelings are vulnerable and can certainly be jealous to the point of consuming their romantic relationship.