5 Superficial Zodiac Signs That Can Do Anything To Please

Do you know the story of Narcisse? In Greek mythology, this hunter, obsessed by his image, used to admire himself in the reflection of a river. This handsome young man falls in love with these fine and delicate features, so that he ends up drowning in the watering hole where his passion was born. According to astrology, five signs of the zodiac are likely to be recognized in this parable. And for good reason, they are as narcissistic and vain as this mythological character. They are so obsessed by their person that they are a real plague for those around them. We tell you more in our astro point.

We all have a person in our entourage who keeps looking in the mirror in search of the slightest imperfection. Often, she spends most of her time dressing up and glancing to test her power of seduction. In the era of the selfie, she can not do without her smartphone ignoring the surrounding world provided that the picture “perfect” is finally published on social networks. According to the celestial configurations, 5 signs are likely to correspond to this description.
Libra (23 September-22 October)
Obnubilated by physical appearance, the natives of this sign make beauty a supreme value. The typical day of a Libra? An hour of examination in front of the mirror followed by hundreds of flirtations that these socialites of the zodiac master to perfection. Social networks have no secrets for them. The smartphone is also attached to their hand, and their eyes are always riveted on the screen in search of any message. If Libra is obsessed with their appearance, it is to fill their obvious lack of self-confidence. Think again, these narcissists make up for their uncertainties in their constant search for approval.
Gemini (May 21-June 21)
In the race for superficiality, Gemini hold an honorable palm. Real compulsive buyers, no fashionable object escapes the closets of these fashion inveterate victims. Their propensity for useless purchases is an outlet for their anguish at not being up to the task. Their phobia of getting older makes them prone to true dysmorphophobia. On the lookout for the slightest wrinkle, they can spend huge amounts of cosmetics. It is not uncommon to see the natives of this sign ogling their mirror, it is mainly because they are never satisfied with their physique.
Taurus (April 21-May 20)
The natives of this sign are able to work hard to obtain luxurious objects. Down-to-earth and slightly materialistic, they take pleasure in acquiring objects that are useless but terribly comforting. And for good reason, Taurus can not live with love and fresh water. These earthlings are of those who like to enjoy the delights of life in calm and voluptuousness. For them, nothing more essential than the superfluous. It is not uncommon to see them collect objects that they will skillfully enhance for the pleasure of the eyes. Ostensibly attached to material things, they will take great care to surround themselves with well-born people.
Virgo (August 24-September 22)
If the natives of this sign are superficial, it is essentially because they often allow themselves to make hasty judgments. Often relying on first impressions, they quickly catalog the people they meet without giving them the chance to reveal themselves. These psychorigids of the zodiac are often as demanding with others as they are with themselves. This lack of flexibility will have a lasting impact on their happiness.
Leo (July 23rd-August 23rd)
Solar and charismatic, these zodiac felines like to be in the spotlight. You will often hear them begin their sentences with “Me, I ..” and interrupt their fellows to tell an anecdote that they find more interesting. Their egocentric side will push them to take the fly if they feel that one walks on their plates. The natives of the sign of Fire intend to create a court at their mercy who will be willing to comply with all their wishes. Megalomaniacs, their immoderate desire for power pushes them to the worst compromises.